Fortnite security plans guide: How to steal security plans from the Yacht, the Rig, or the Shark

fortnite security plans
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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has brought us plenty of new missions and challenges, what with the secret agent theme, and one such mission tasks you with infiltrating enemy bases and stealing security plans from under their nose.

So just how exactly do you steal the security plans? Follow our guide so you can complete the mission and be on your way to finishing your battle pass.

Keep in mind that before accepting this mission, you'll have to choose which faction you want to side with. This will determine whether you get the Shadow or Ghost skin style for Brutus.

Also keep in mind that this mission is probably way easier if you're playing with friends, as you'll be able to survive entering an enemy base (that may have other players in it) way better with multiple people on your side.

fortnite security plans

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How to steal the security plans from the Yacht

Head to the Yacht (located in the northeast corner of the map. It's a freakin' yacht, so you can't miss it) and do your best to enter from the lowest level possible without spooking the henchmen walking around. You can do this by swimming/gliding along the water and chopping your way through the exterior. You'll want to end up on the lowest floor of the yacht. Walk through the kitchen. Past that, you'll find a server. Hold E to interact with that and you'll have stolen the Fortnite security plans. 

After that, head to the parking lot at Steamy Stacks. There, you'll find two faction mailboxes. The white is obviously for the Ghost faction, and the black one is for Shadow. You'll find the white one next to a staircase outside building 3, and the black one a few feet from a couple of orange cargo containers outside building 2. Drop the security plans in there to complete the mission.

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How to steal the Fortnite security plans from the Shark

Your easiest path here probably includes a quick stop at one of the phone booths nearby. You can find them one under the bridge on the north-west side near the helipad, on the island to the southwest, the southeast, or just the south. Plenty to pick from.

The easiest way to get to the plans is enter through the cave on the east side. Then go up one floor and locate the server room, which is near the main atrium. You'll see a wall of servers. Mess around near it until you get the interact prompt, do so, and then hightail it out of there with the plans.

Next, you'll want to head to Pleasant Park to deliver the plans to the faction mailbox of your choice. If you want to support Ghost, put them in the white box by the bus stop. If you want to go with Shadow, you'll find that box on the sidewalk at the northwest end of town.

There's at least one other location that you can steal security plans from. We'll update this guide when we can show you the most effective strategy.

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