Fortnite: Where are the cakes?

fortnite where are birthday cake locations
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Grab some cake. It's time to celebrate Fortnite's third birthday, and Epic has released a number of birthday challenges for players. The biggest challenge this year asks players to dance in front of different birthday cakes 10 times. Thankfully, you don't have to go cake hunting without some assistance. We've put this helpful guide together to show you where the cakes are located in Fortnite.

Your reward for completing this challenge is the Cakey wrap, which gives your weapons and vehicles a fun bit of pink and green frosting. There are four total birthday challenges to complete, including "play 10 matches," "outlast 500 opponents," and "and gain 50 health or shield from birthday cakes." That last challenge will get you 80,000 XP, so you might as well consume each cake you come across.

Fortnite birthday cake locations

Birthday cake location 1: West side of the park in Doom's Domain.

Birthday cake location 2: At the entrance to the pier in Sweaty Sands.

Birthday cake location 3: On the corner of the road leading into Salty Springs.

Birthday cake location 4: In the parking lot of the gardening store in Holly Hedges.

Birthday cake location 5: In the north large log cabin building in Weeping Woods. The cake is right in the entryway.

Birthday cake location 6: In the parking lot outside the main building in Slurpy Swamp.

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Birthday cake location 7: On the east side of Misty Meadows, next to the large fountain in the street.

Birthday cake location 8: On the street corner outside the central building in Lazy Lake.

Birthday cake location 9: In the east parking lot of Retail Row.

Birthday cake location 10: North side of Dirty Docks between two buildings.

Check out the map below for a visual guide to each birthday cake location. You could reasonably work your way from the northwest to the east if you follow all these cakes.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

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