Fortnite v14.20 patch notes: Blade, Wolverine as a boss, and a BTS event are coming

fortnite patch notes 14.20
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Fortnite update v14.20 is here, and we're one step closer to closing out season 4's massive Marvel invasion. This patch includes some important bug fixes, and adds new features: A new boss character and a new concert event for Party Royale are our biggest highlights. But all of that pales in comparison to one major Marvel character addition. 

Blade's comin'.

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Epic still isn't great about providing official descriptions of exactly what updates entail, so here's everything we know about the Fortnite v14.20 patch notes.

Fortnite patch notes v14.20: Marvel's Blade is coming

One of the first Marvel heroes to hit the silver screen in the modern era, the vampire Blade is set to arrive in Fortnite sometime during the 14.20 update. Blade, you'll remember, was originally played by Wesley Snipes in aa trilogy that began in 1998. Only The Matrix better exemplified the late '90s obsession with leather, tiny sunglasses, and black trenchcoats.

Marvel announced last year that Blade would return in the modern MCU, played by Mahershala Ali. Ali previously played Cottonmouth on Luke Cage. In Fortnite, meanwhile, the release of Blade was an unconfirmed rumor, first teased in Epic's unofficial patch notes email.

Marvel's official Twitter account, however, tweeted out this string of emojis Wednesday morning, and if that isn't a blatant Blade teaser, I don't know what is.

We currently don't know what exact time Blade will arrive in Fortnite, but since he's part of the 14.20 update, it's reasonable to expect him sometime in the very near future.

fortnite patch notes 14.20

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Fortnite patch notes v14.20: Wolverine boss being added

Just in time for his final few challenges, Wolverine will appear on the Fortnite map in Weeping Woods as a boss character that players can eliminate for some high-tier loot dubbed "Wolverine's Claw."

“Like other bosses on the map, he won’t go down without a fight,” Epic has teased.

Wolverine follows in Doctor Doom's and Iron Man's footsteps as Marvel characters that players can actively hunt down for some great weapons and abilities. Odds are eliminating Wolverine (or performing some other task in the same area) will factor into the final Wolverine skin challenge.

Fortnite patch notes v14.20: All the new cosmetics and skins

A slew of new skins are being added over the course of the Fortnite v14.20 update. Data miners like the ever-reliable HYPEX have uncovered them. Take a look below.

Most interestingly, the Victoria Saint skin description reads "vampire hunter of the Old West." That seems like a pretty obvious connection to the upcoming Blade skin that'll get added, but it also just makes me want to read American Vampire again.

You can also grab a number of Rocket League crossover cosmetics with our guide. Fortnite's upcoming third birthday celebration also means there's some fun new cake stickers and wraps.

fortnite bts concert

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Fortnite patch notes v14.20: K-pop sensation BTS is coming to Party Royale

If you want to see the world's biggest current pop band, we've got a helpful guide on how to watch BTS perform in Fortnite. BTS will be performing their new choreography video for "Dynamite," their first song written in English. Considering their massive and rabidly obsessed fanbase, you can bet the Party Royale island will be packed.

fortnite patch notes 14.20

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Fortnite v14.20 patch notes: Bug fixes

Here's every new bug fix or minor feature added to Fortnite in the latest update.


- Boundless set sticker customization. All stickers will be displayed in the Boundless set menu with no workaround needed.
- Fixed issue with: Replays not saving on PS4
- Fixed issue with: Fishing spots not appearing on "low" graphics settings.
- Fixed issue with: Heroes Park and Ghost House not showing up as discovered locations after visiting them.

Creative Mode

- Fixed issue with grass not being removed when placing objects on the ground.
- Fixed issue with some players not being granted items after first round in some team games.

Save the World

- Fixed issue with Redline Ramirez's commander perk not working with charged sniper rifles.


- Fixed issue with fishing spots not showing up properly.

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