Disney Dreamlight Valley just teased one of my favourite characters for next week's update

Disney Dreamlight Valley - A player wearing a pirate hat and coat taking a selfie with Ariel.
(Image credit: Gameloft)

Disney Dreamlight Valley has its second major update arriving on December 6. But bar the introduction of Woody and Buzz, there's relatively little that we know about the upcoming patch. Thankfully, Gameloft has dropped yet another teaser revealing some winter goodies and another classic Disney character's arrival.

It's only a lightly animated image, but eagle-eyed Dreamlight Valley fans will notice a few additions that are on  the way. The one people appear most excited for is that Stitch is in the image, at the feet of the main playable character. It's unknown if he'll be a companion similar to Moana's Pua, or if he'll be a fully-fledged character of his own, house and all. I'm inclined to lean toward the latter, especially since it's the first Lilo & Stitch character we've seen so far.

With winter approaching and Toy Story being the focus of the patch, new clothing items and the star path—Dreamlight Valley's version of a battle pass—appear to be themed around the season and movie.Characters like Merlin and Mickey are sporting their own holiday-themed outfits, with the main player wearing a few items of clothing not seen before, like the jacket. There's also a snowman in the background and a companion wearing their own winter outfit, implying even more wintry furniture and dress-up options. Players across the Disney Dreamlight Valley Discord and Twitter seem to have snuffed out that the star path will be all things space, which feels fitting for Buzz joining the game. 

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 It's an exciting update, one that I can't wait to jump into myself. I've been pleasantly surprised by Dreamlight Valley, despite not being a huge Disney fan. It's easily the best Animal Crossing-like on PC and is well worth your time if you enjoy cosy games or Disney movies.

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