Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting a Toy Story update in December

Woody and Buzz standing either side of the main character in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
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Disney Dreamlight Valley is gearing up for its next update, taking us to infinity and beyond. As part of Toy Story's 27th anniversary on November 22, Gameloft announced that Woody and Buzz would be the next to join our valleys in an update arriving in December.

It's the game's second major update, following the introduction of The Lion King's Scar (opens in new tab)in October. Gameloft hasn't given much away about what to expect in this update, but there are a few things already known. There'll be a Toy Story realm—mini instances themed around their respective movies—which will be set in Bonnie's room. Considering the Dreamlight Valley Twitter tells us to "prepare to shrink down," it seems likely that everyone will be toy-sized for the next adventure. 

Two new characters should mean two new houses to plonk in our valley once Woody and Buzz are convinced to make the move over. No clue what those houses will look like yet, but the Discord server speculates there's an RV or carousel involved somewhere. Like all the other Dreamlight Valley characters, Woody and Buzz should have their own friendship quests to complete as well, including rewards for each friendship level reached.

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The update will introduce a new star path, Dreamlight Valley's diet version of a battle pass (opens in new tab). Considering the last one was themed around Halloween goodies, there's a chance the next one will also contain some seasonal gubbins for some holiday village decor. The game's Trello board (opens in new tab) marks a number of bug fixes landing alongside the update, mostly related to problems with quest progression on a number of friendship quests. 

The change I'm most looking forward to is one that seeks to clarify the item limit when decorating outdoors. Right now it's implied that the limit is 600 items, but that's only a limit on unique items. The actual total is much higher but it's also invisible. Considering the hidden cap includes furniture and spawnable items needed for crafts and quests, it'll be nice to have more transparency.

The Toy Story update and star path will arrive on December 6.

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