Where to collect a record and place in a turntable in Fortnite

collect record place in a turntable fortnite
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You need to collect a record and place in a turntable to complete the first stage of Fortnite's new Ariana Grande "Monster Hunter" challenge punchcard. As part of Fortnitemares, pop star Ariana Grande is returning with a new skin.

Below you'll find a guide for where to find a vinyl record somewhere in Fortnite and where to place it in a turntable. If you haven't done the challenges that involved records in past seasons, this might be more difficult than you'd think.

Completing this challenge will net you 30,000 bonus XP, so gear up and get out there.

Where to find Ariana Grande in Fortnite

fortnite collect a record and place in a turntable

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To properly start Ariana Grande's Monster Hunter challenges, you need to first speak with the Ariana Grande NPC in Believer Beach AKA Sweaty Sands.

You'll find Ariana on the pier leading out into the water, typically walking along the main path about halfway to the restaurant at the end.

Speak with her and accept her questline by selecting the appropriate dialogue option.

You now have a few options for how to complete this quest.

Collect a record and place in a turntable: Believer Beach

collect record place in a turntable fortnite

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Arguably the easiest location, since it's only a short walk from the Ariana Grande NPC. Once you're done talking to Ariana, head to the building that has a Cap n' Carp sign out front and head to the second floor where there's a dance party setup with a stage for a DJ. Check out the circled area in the map further above if you need a clearer picture of where to go.

Check out the stage and you'll see a crate of vinyl records sitting next to the DJ turntable. Interact with the record box to collect one and then simply interact with the DJ turntable to complete the challenge.

Other locations you can check out include Apres Ski in the south end of the map. The lodge there has a similar dance club setup with a DJ turntable on the stage, as well as a record box next to it.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Check out our Fortnite guides section for more on the latest Fortnitemares update. We also have individual guides below for other Fortnitemares challenges.

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