Where to find candy in Fortnite

where to find candy fortnite
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Where to find candy in Fortnite? A lot of players are asking where to find the sweet treats following Fortnite's Fortnitemares Halloween update. The update has dropped a ton of new challenges, one of which will have you running around the map looking for bits of candy like you're 10 years old again and dressed up like a ninja for the fourth time, much to your mother's disappointment.

But enough about me. Below, you'll find a guide for every candy location on the Fortnite map. Completing this challenge will earn you some free XP and the Raven's Curse spray.

There's a few different kinds of candy available to find, including typical wrapped candy, candy corn, pretzels, and jelly beans. They're not just laying out in the open, though. You'll have to hit a trick or treat bucket with your pickaxe, and that will spawn at least a couple pieces. To complete the challenge, you'll need 15 pieces, which you can collect in 2 - 4 buckets.

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Candy locations in Fortnite

Since you only need 15 pieces of candy, one POI should have enough for you. Head to Pleasant Park, which has been decked out with Halloween decorations.

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Look for the candy buckets placed outside most of the homes and other buildings in Pleasant Park. Each house should have at least one sitting outside. You'll want to look around the Halloween decorations, typically by the door.

Collect 15 pieces of candy (you may want to leave all your inventory slots open), and you'll complete the challenge.

Make sure to check back with our Fortnite guides and news, where we'll be posting more Fortnitemares challenge walkthroughs. You can also read what else Fortnitemares' new update has to offer, like Ariana Grande in an astronaut suit.

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