Where to find color bottles and rainbow ink in Fortnite to customize Toona Fish

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Fortnite season 8 introduces a new character that players can customize over the next couple months. Instead of an alien, it's something much more horrifying: A toon version of Fishsticks, much like Meowscles' cel-shaded toon skin.

You'll paint Toona Fish with color bottles and rainbow ink, or complete unique challenges to collect prearranged color schemes.

So how do you collect color bottles and rainbow ink? Your first step is to claim Toona Fish from the season 8 battle pass for nine stars. That unlocks his basic black and white version and lets you start customizing him on his other battle pass menu page.

How to get rainbow ink in Fortnite

Rainbow ink is a new currency that can be spent to unlock individual color styles based on previous Fortnite characters. These include examples like Midas (gold), Cuddle Team Leader (aggressively pink), or Love Ranger (pink and stone gray), to name just a few. Each style costs 10 rainbow ink.

You'll find rainbow ink inside loot chests spread around the map. This includes regular loot chests and cosmic chests. Cosmic chests are only found in duos, trios, and squad games though, so the process might be easier with friends.

But to fully unlock a predefined character style, you'll also need the corresponding color bottles.

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How to get color bottles in Fortnite

Color bottles can be found at specific locations listed in the Toona Fish menu. Simply select a character style (like Red Knight) and the bottom right corner will tell you where three color bottles are located. So for Red Knight, that'd be Fort Crumpet. Head to the location and collect all three color bottles to unlock that color.

Here's a full list of character color bottle locations:

  • Red Knight - Knightly Crimson - Fort Crumpet
  • Love Ranger - Stone Gray - Mount F8
  • A.I.M. - Robotic Grey - Destroyed Dish
  • Mezmer - Mezmerizing Violet - South of Believer Beach in the wreckage
  • Brite Bomber - Brite Purple - Retail Row
  • Crystal - Crystalline Blue - Wreckage south of Dirty Docks
  • Snow Heart - Frozen Blue - Coral Castle
  • Diamond Diva - Diamond Blue - Gorgeous Gorge
  • Rippley - Slurp Turqoise - Sludgy Swamp
  • Ghoul Trooper - Ghoulish Green - Shanty Town
  • Codename E.L.F. - Codename GRN - Corny Crops
  • Jonesy - Recruit Green - Weeping Woods Bridge
  • Bushranger - Leafy Green - Stealthy Stronghold
  • Peely - Banana Yellow - Rainbow Rentals
  • Scorpion - Desert Sand - Wreckage west of Pleasant Park
  • Midas - Midas Gold - Catty Corner
  • Punk - Pumpkin Orange - The Orchard
  • Renegade Raider - Renegade Red - Boney Burbs
  • Ruby - Ruby Red - Lockie's Lighthouse
  • Cuddle Team Leader - Cuddly Pink - Steamy Stacks
  • Lexa - Y-Labs Magenta - Misty Meadows

We'll be updating this post with individual guides to each color bottle's locations, so check back later.

Keep in mind that to find any of these, you'll need to have Toona Fish unlocked in the battle pass. Otherwise, they won't appear. Don't be a goof like me and think you can just stock up from the get-go.

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