Fortnite Sideways weapons guide: How to get them and craft them

fortnite sideways weapons
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Fortnite season 8 has introduced a new way to destroy your enemies: Sideways weapons. This new weapon type packs a punch, but comes with plenty of risk, so make sure you're ready to traverse the Sideways dimension before committing.

These strange Sideways weapons are the result of Cube energy being dispersed across the island, opening up rifts between dimensions and allowing Cube monsters (basically spikier zombies) to overwhelm our dimension.

So how do you get your hands on Sideways weapons? Read on for our full guide.

What is the Sideways?

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The Sideways is a dimensional rift that appears in semi-random locations across the island. You'll recognize it by its giant dome shape, and the fact that it looks like the worst un-popped pimple you've ever seen.

Inside, you'll find Sideways monsters, the aforementioned zombie creatures. These monsters will spawn inside the Sideways every few seconds, and they'll frequently be found near Sideways loot chests (more on that below).

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Monster types include:

- Regular monsters that deal melee damage
- Fire-throwing monsters that can hit you even when you're in an elevated position
- Poison monsters that explode when killed, dispersing gas that hurts you
- Explosive monsters that similarly explode when killed
- Larger brutes that take more damage

Sideways weapons

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First up is the Sideways minigun, easily the most common Sideways weapon in my personal experience. Though stats will depend on what rarity you've got, each Sideways minigun will eventually overheat, and in a brief window between standard fire and stalling out, it'll deal much more damage. So don't be afraid to rev things up and burn through some ammo. Just be careful you don't overheat and leave yourself defenseless for several seconds.

Next is the Sideways rifle. Though it's rate of fire is lower, it will still overheat and temporarily gain extra damage output just like the minigun.

Those are the only two Sideways weapons we've got for now, but according to data miner HypeX, we've got Sideways shotguns and Sideways scythes coming.

Sideways weapons: How to get them

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Sideways weapons can be found in Sideways chests, these slightly larger loot chests you see in the picture above. In my experience, I've reliably found upwards of three chests in outdoor parts of the Sideways dimension. You'll also find some by a spire that appears inside the dimension.

Sideways weapons can also be found on the ground like any other loot, but only inside the Sideways.

Sideways monsters also drop weapons when they're killed, but that's arguably the least effective way of securing them. You'll have to locate your own weapons and ammo, just to spend it defeating it enemies, so just go for broke and rush the Sideways chests.

How to upgrade Sideways weapons with Cube Monster parts

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Cube monsters are good for something other than basic loot. They also drop Cube monster parts, a new crafting ingredient that can be used to boost the abilities of Sideways weapons.

Collect enough Cube monster parts plus a Sideways weapon, and open the crafting menu by hitting tab on your keyboard. The higher the rarity of your weapon, the more Cube monster parts it'll need to craft.

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