The biggest PC gaming stories of the week

It has been a week. The past several days have been filled with accusations, controversy, and industry unrest—plus, we found a mod that turns Fallout 4 characters into anime characters. Here's your Friday recap:

The pressure to constantly update games is pushing the industry to a breaking point

The games industry's push for infinitely playable, infinitely profitable, infinitely updated games has defined new corporate and player expectations that lead to grueling work schedules, aggressive monitization, and a winner-take-all attitude. How long can it last? 

NetherRealm is 'actively' investigating workplace complaints

Speaking of overwork, after we reported on the crunch described by former contractors at Mortal Kombat studio NetherRealm, the studio has said it's looking into the allegations. 

Here's a mod to make Fallout 4 characters look anime

On a lighter note, here's this.

Electronic Arts says the old way of releasing games doesn't work anymore

During an investors call this week, EA admitted that Anthem under performed. Responding to a question about its rocky launch, CEO Andrew Wilson said that EA will "start to test things like soft launches," as well as change how it develops and tests games.

Fortnite Season 9 kicks off this week

What were we just talking about? Something about the constant update grind demanded by live service games? Hard to remember, because there's more Fortnite news this week. As usual, things are weird in the land of banana suits. If a glitch caused you to miss the Unvaulting event, there's a glider with your name on it.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint announced, releasing in October

The next Tom Clancy game has been revealed, and it's coming in October. Check out Andy's preview for more on its new injury and survival systems. And yeah, it'll only be available on the Epic Store and Uplay.

Riot Games employees stage walkout [Kotaku]

After Kotaku reported on the culture of sexism at Riot Games, employees have been dissatisfied with the company's response, especially as it forced two lawsuits into private arbitration. This week, over 150 of them walked out in protest.

Kerbal Space Program's Breaking Ground DLC adds robotics and more experiments

One of our favorite games of all time is getting its second expansion later this month. Fraser brings us the details in this comprehensive breakdown of what little green rocket scientists can expect.

Playing Yakety Sax on Mordhau's lute wasn't the inspirational battle hymn Chris hoped for 

Chris discovered that not only can you run around plucking a lute in medieval war game Mordhau, you can use a bot to play MIDI songs with it. His bard career was short-lived, though.

Gaming YouTuber ProJared accused of soliciting nude photos from minors

After YouTuber ProJared's ex-wife accused him of using his fame to encourage fans to send him explicit photos, multiple individuals came forward to say that they did just that. Two of them say they were underage at the time

Claptrap's original voice actor has accused Randy Pitchford of assaulting him

The reveal of Borderlands 3 has not quite gone how Gearbox hoped it would. The game looks good, but what doesn't look good is your CEO being accused of physically assaulting a former executive and Claptrap's original voice actor. 

More things that happened this week

Around the (virtual) office

When we weren't covering all this (or watching playoff hockey), a few of us hopped into Sea of Thieves and had a good time fishing and vomiting and treasure hunting (but mostly the first two things). Chris captured the moment:

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Meanwhile, Evan and Morgan are excited about Blood: Fresh Supply, the remaster of the classic FPS that came out this week. Evan's especially fond of a certain weapon.

On the PC Gamer Show (which is live on Twitch every Wednesday at 1 pm Pacific), James, Wes, and Chris discussed the guns of Borderlands 3:

Finally, Phil shared his favorite spread from the latest issue of the magazine. (If you want to know why they have mouths, you can read the feature here, but do subscribe to the magazine, too!) 

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Have a great weekend, PC gamers who read PC Gamer. We wish you nothing but low pings and favorable RNG.

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