Netflix’s Witcher series is wrapping up major filming, according to this report

It seems that the major filming for season one of Netflix’s Witcher series is coming to an end. Several key cast and crew members on the production have bid their farewells to the main production site in Budapest on their various social media channels.

The blog Redanian Intelligence has been following the production of The Witcher series, and collected the actors’ and crew’s parting thoughts in a May 2 post. Based on what they’ve observed, it seems a wrap party was held at Budapest’s Hotsy Totsy bar in late April. Since then, there’s been a slow but steady trickle of key staff away from the production site.

It's possible there’s still filming to be done, however. Redanian Intelligence also believes some reshoots are in the offing due to some recasting. We've reached out to Netflix to ask about any changes behind the scenes. 

But with principal photography out of the way, the series can move into post-production, which is where they’ll be adding in what we hope are all those gnarly monsters Geralt spends so much time around.

The Witcher is set to debut on Netflix sometime this fall.

Thanks, PCGN.