Fortnite Season 9 kicks off this week

With the Unvaulting behind us, it’s time to get ready for a brand new season of Fortnite. Season 9 will begin this week, and Epic Games has tweeted a teaser image along with the date: May 9.

That’s right in line with what we’ve been expecting, but what’s much less clear is how this season is going to play out thematically. The teaser image features someone wearing a futuristic horned helmet, and all we have to go on from the tweet itself is “The Future is Unknown.” 

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Obviously, the eruption of the volcano has already changed up the landscape of Fortnite’s battle royale island, eliminating Tilted Towers and Retail Row. What’s going to replace them when the new season begins? “The future is unknown.” Not particularly helpful, huh?

It’s fair to guess that Season 9 will have something to do with Fortnite’s rift dimension, perhaps shedding light on what that all means, or who exactly is responsible for the various artifacts and runes scattered around the island. On the other hand, there’s the distinct possibility that Season 9 winds up raising more questions than it answers. That's how it usually seems to go, come to think of it.

In any case, we now know for sure that it’ll all begin on Thursday.