Rage 2's launch trailer is full of swearing and violence

Rage 2 looks set to be a wacky and comedic shooting game, if its launch trailer is accurate. There's lots of excessive swearing, tonnes of fashionable retro-futuristic fluoro-purple, and gallons upon gallons of spilled blood. "Insanity rules", it promises at the end. I beg to differ, but maybe I'm a boring loser?

The game releases May 14 on Steam and Bethesda.net. I played it for a while at a recent preview event and I can confirm that the shotguns were definitely overseen by id Software–a good sign indeed. For more substantial impressions, Sam wrote it up last month.

And in case this trailer doesn't drive home how zany Rage 2 promises to be, the game has a cheat that adds NBA Jam voiceover guy to the game (but only if you pre-order!). More importantly, Rage 2 will crib Doom's famous BFG-9000. 

Here's the trailer:

Shaun Prescott

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