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We're about to go into quarantine this week on PC Gamer, which means we all get to work from home where no-one can see us eating entire jars of Nutella as we write about the latest in PC gaming news. A fair amount has happened this week, and a few interesting games have released during a period that's normally very quiet for new games. Here are the stories of the week.

E3 is cancelled
Coronavirus continues to affect the industry, and even the most notorious game conference in the world has suffered. The conference has sensibly been cancelled to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Microsoft and Ubisoft are considering virtual events instead. You can find more industry reaction here. We'll keep you updated on what's happening with the PC Gaming Show.

Call of Duty Warzone suddenly released
A shiny new free-to-play standalone battle royale mode launched for CoD this week. It brings a few neat ideas to the genre, like a gulag that lets you fight other players for the right to return to the fray if you have died.

Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC
A gorgeous open world game in which you shoot arrows at robot dinosaurs. I loved it on PS4, and it's great to see it come to PC.

Doom Eternal is almost here
Check up on the system requirements and unlock times so you can jump in as early as possible next week.

Guild Wars 2 is getting an expansion
One of our favourite MMOs is getting a full-sized new expansion. Arenanet says the new zone will focus on "capturing and defending territories in a PvE map, using objectives similar to WvW to drive enemies back."

Meanwhile Andy is having too much fun in VR game Boneworks.

CD Projekt RED hints at new Witcher projects after Cyberpunk 2077
It sounds as though the team plans to continue working in the Witcher and Cyberpunk universes.

The Destiny 2 Emblem overhaul wipes out years of progress for players
Awkward. At first it seemed like a bug, but it was an intentional move by Bungie to rework the system.

Blade Runner is getting remastered
This Westwood classic is getting the remaster treatment of the System Shock remake developers, Nightdive Studios.

You can now summon massive warships in Planetside 2
It takes work to summon the Bastion Fleet Carrier, but when you do you get to fill it with gunners and use it as a huge mobile spawn point.

More things we wrote

The week in reviews

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
The Chief returns to PC.

Murder by Numbers
Mediatonic has combined a visual novel with a picross puzzler to create a mystery adventure with flair.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14
Uniting China one menu at a time.

Yes, Your Grace
Look after nobles and peasants alike in this monarch ‘em up.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps
More great, challenging platforming and gorgeous 2D artwork, this time with bigger bosses.

In addition we created a video review to supplement our Ori review. We're planning to do more of these, so give us any feedback you have in the comments.

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