Batman and Harry Potter games were reportedly going to be announced at E3

(Image credit: WB Montreal)

With E3 2020 officially cancelled, publishers are now looking for ways to replace their press conferences, including Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment it seems.  

According to Kotaku, speaking with people familiar with its E3 plans, the publisher was going to host its first E3 press conference to show some projects we've already heard rumours about—including new Batman and Harry Potter games. 

Warner Bros. started teasing what is almost certainly a Batman game back in September. A prominent leaker alleged that it would be called Batman: Arkham Legacy. It's been nearly five years since Arkham Knight launched, though it was temporarily removed from sale on PC due to massive performance issues that made it unplayable. With a new Batman film on the horizon, it seems like the right time for a new game. 

It could be a follow-up to WB Games Montreal's Batman: Arkham Origins. The Montreal studio did all the teasing in September, and original Arkham developer Rocksteady Studios is working on something else. That was also apparently going to be unveiled at the press conference.  

A new Harry Potter game was also poised to be revealed. In 2018, footage of a Harry Potter RPG leaked, showing off character creation, spellcasting and a bunch of different environments. Instead of playing one of the characters from the books, you could create your own new Hogwarts student. It wasn't very good footage, but hopefully we'll see more soon. 

Publishers like Microsoft and Ubisoft have already started discussing plans to host digital shows now that E3 2020 has been cancelled, while the ESA is considering an online version of the event, so we'll still probably hear more about these games in June as planned.

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