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Bernie Sanders now stars in his own retro platformer

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is now moonlighting as a Mario impersonator. In Super Bernie World, the senator has to travel across 11 states and liberate his country from the Republicans, all while consuming large amounts of Vermont cheddar cheese. 

It's a pretty straightforward Mario homage, but with campaign messages and enemies that include ICE bullets and Republican politicians. I very much approve of tiny, bouncy version of Bernie, but I cannot support the creation of koopa troopas with Mitch McConnell's face. I wish I could purge them from my mind. 

Gamedevs for Bernie created the platformer to encourage people to vote in the upcoming US election and donate to Sanders' campaign. It's not the first time the senator has had a brush with gaming, either. Last year, he started a Twitch channel and supported the efforts of game industry workers to unionise. 

Super Bernie World is free on Steam and Itch, and if platforming isn't your thing, there's also a Bernie Sanders dating sim

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