Two Point Hospital is going green in its Off the Grid expansion

Two Point Hospital is getting some more DLC, this time tasking hospital administrators with saving the planet as well as lives. In Off the Grid, you'll need to make sustainable hospitals, treat new plant-themed illnesses, and go gardening. It's out soon—March 18, to be precise. 

Off the Grid includes a trio of new regions to vanquish by providing excellent healthcare and looking after the environment. You'll have to find cures for 35 new illnesses and build new treatment rooms to take care of them. 

In Wanderoff County Park, you won't make much cash from diagnosing or curing the residents of the local nature commune, so you'll have to get high scores in the Wellness Index that they've designed. Old Newport, meanwhile, has its own quirks, shunning modern civilisation. You'll have to grow fruit and veg, collect rainwater and maintain herb gardens to treat the old-fashioned residents. The final region, Windsock City, is a slick, eco-friendly burg where you'll need to power your hospital with green energy machines like turbines and solar panels. 

Off the Grid is due out on March 18 via Steam and will set you back £6.99/$8.99 normally, but there's a 10 percent discount until launch. It will be accompanied by a smaller item pack DLC that you'll have to purchase separately. New players can also pick up the Healthy Collection with the base game and the previous DLC for a 10 percent discount until March 31.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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