New Warzone map: What to know about Fortune's Keep

New Warzone map - Fortune's Keep
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It's been a while since there's been a new Warzone map to get excited about. Caldera was introduced at the start of Season 1, back in December 2021, replacing the long-running Verdansk. Now that Season 4 is here, we've had a good chance to look around the new map, Fortune's Keep, along with some of the updates to Caldera.

I'll round up the details about Fortune's Keep and what you need to know about the new map. I'll also go over the changes to Caldera in Season 4, and if you're feeling nostalgic, you can still find the Verdansk section at the bottom of this guide. Our best Warzone loadout list is worth a look if you want to get into shape with some competitive builds. Otherwise, here's everything you need to know about the new Warzone map.

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New Warzone map: Fortune's Keep

Warzone Pacific Season 4 has ushered in the new Fortune's Keep Warzone map. It's roughly the size of Rebirth Island and has several points of interest, with four that stand out. These are:

  • Town
  • Smuggler's Cove
  • Winery
  • Keep

Town is somewhere you should expect plenty of close-quarters firefights. It's a Mediterranean seaside village surrounding an old fortress with plenty of buildings and alleyways to scope out. You can even take to the rooftops to gain a vantage point, and there's a bell tower to get you to even higher ground.

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Smuggler's Cove is overflowing with valuable supplies, including gas masks. There are huts and caves to explore—though be careful of the explosive gas canisters here—and a lighthouse to give you some elevation. There's also a pirate radio station on the bluffs, and you might be lucky enough to find caches littered along the shoreline.

The Winery offers a sprawling building with multiple floors and plenty of rooms to stake out. There's also a cellar with loot for those quick enough to grab it. The main building is situated in a relatively open area, and you'll find a military camp with makeshift structures to one side. There are also redeploy balloon options here.

Finally, the titular Keep is a large medieval fortification with ramparts, watchtowers, and a large banquet hall. It's a good place to control if you can manage it, though be aware that others might seek to gain access via the island's tunnel system or with the Redeploy Balloons nearby.

Warzone Caldera Season 4 updates

The significant change that's arrived in Caldera in Season 4 is the return of Storage Town. Verdansk veterans are sure to recognise this "new" point of interest, though it differs slightly from the original version.

It is located almost directly north of the Airfield and south of the Dig Site. The lockers, water tower, and central buildings have seen few changes, but it now resides on the side of a hill and will offer a good view of the surrounding areas.

Additionally, you might have noticed that mercenary camps have popped up in various locations across the map, and Mercenary Vaults can now be found inside the seven bunkers across Caldera. You'll need to get your hands on a Warzone Golden Keycard if you want to get to the goodies inside though. These are rare drops from supply boxes, Contracts, and enemy players that hold them.

Warzone Rebirth Island map: Best drop locations

Rebirth Island is a much smaller map, currently available in its own playlist. Modes like Rebirth Mini Royale Quads/ Duos are fast-paced matches that take place in condensed areas on the island. If you're hoping to run into other squads quickly as you hunt for the best Warzone guns, here are the best Rebirth Island drop locations:

  • Prison Block
  • Decon Zone
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Factory

There are also five ammo caches across Rebirth Island, found in: Factory, Chemical Engineering, Security Area, east of Construction Site, and west of Decon Zone.

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Warzone Verdansk map hot zones and best loot

The best Warzone loot can be found in supply boxes scattered across the map. The valuable items found in these chests are random, containing weapons (often blueprints with pre-fitted attachments), field upgrades, cash, and even the occasional killstreak. However, it's always worth keeping an eye out for the rarer, orange boxes, which hold better gear such as gas masks and armor satchels that let you hold more armor plates.

Closely related to the best loot are the hottest zones on the Warzone map. Here's a list:

  • Gora Summit
  • Verdansk Airport
  • Superstore
  • Verdansk Hospital
  • Downtown Tavorsk District

Hot zones are where you can expect the most bloodshed to go down at the very beginning of the game. Whether you want to avoid them so you can loot in peace or find somewhere to immediately bloody your hands, check the list above. It's no coincidence that these locations also coincide with loot-rich spots.

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