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Everything we know about the new Warzone map

CoD Warzone map
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Want to know more about the new Warzone map? It's a good idea to get to know each area so you can locate the best loot and save some cash for the best Warzone loadouts. Obviously, you'll still need to be careful of other players with the same idea, but as with other battle royale games, knowing where the hot zones are can make all the difference.

The Destruction of Verdansk has come and gone with the passing of the nuke event, and, as expected, a 1984 version has replaced the original Verdansk map to usher in Warzone Season 3. So, it's a good idea to start exploring and see the changes for yourself. 

As you'd expect, hot zones will be crawling with players, but getting to know each region can help you survive the gas as it creeps closer. Rebirth Island remains unchanged and we're only just beginning to familiarise ourselves with the new Warzone map, but here's everything we've found so far.

New Warzone map: Here's what's new in Verdansk '84 

The general layout of 1984 Verdansk hasn't changed much from the original map. but many of the familiar landmarks have changed or been reworked. We've detailed the biggest changes below.

Verdansk Airport:
The airport has been overhauled and much of the inside has been changed. The second floor is now fully accessible and, with the control tower still present, snipers should have more potential targets to pick off.

Verdansk Stadium:
The Stadium hasn't escaped another redesign and this time it's been treated to an older aesthetic: a smattering of 'under construction' areas. There's more cover on the field than there was previously, but less so outside.

While this area still remains the most dense with buildings, there are now less than there were previously. According to Raven Software, the idea is to make gunfights much smoother between buildings.

Gora Dam is now Gora Summit:
Located in the northwest corner of Verdansk, the new Gora Summit is based on the classic Black Ops 1 map and should be far easier to reach than the original Dam.

Quarry area is now Karst Salt Mines:
The Quarry area was previously known for its multi-story warehouses, but the actual pit has now become the Karst Salt Mines. According to Raven, flattening the area and providing new cover should make this area less of a "death pit".

Old Mine:
This is the first of the new areas on the map and is located just south of Gora Summit. It's a small area but helps break up the dead space between Summit and the rest of Verdansk.

Airplane Factory:
This is another new area that replaces the white cylindrical tanks located near the Airport and Superstore. A concrete tower here could give some advantage in certain situations.

Grid Array:
This new location is pretty hard to miss. The massive structure is near the northeast Quarry and it can be seen from anywhere in Verdansk '84. There is a building at its base.

This last addition is a whole block of map that recreates the classic Black Ops 2 map, Standoff. According to Raven, it's located near where the old Gulag is.

We're currently working on the best loot locations and hot zones for Verdansk '84 but for now, here's our advice for the old Verdansk.

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Warzone Verdansk map: Where's the best loot?

The best Warzone loot can be found in supply boxes scattered across the map. The valuable items found in these chests are random, containing weapons (often blueprints with pre-fitted attachments), field upgrades, cash, and even the occasional killstreak. However, it's always worth keeping an eye out for the rarer, orange boxes, which hold better gear such as gas masks and armor satchels that let you hold more armor plates. 

We'll update these locations to reflect the new map as we learn more about Verdansk '84.

The loot-filled areas are:

  • Verdansk International Airport
  • Verdansk Stadium 
  • Gorengard Lumber Yard
  • Downtown Tavorsk District
  • Barakett Promenade East
  • City of Verdansk Port
  • Zordaya Prison Complex
  • Verdansk Hospital
  • BCH TV Station
  • Storage Town
  • Atlas Superstore
  • Verdansk Train Station

Warzone Verdansk map: Where are the hot zones?

Hot zones are where you can expect the most bloodshed to go down at the very beginning of the game. Whether you want to avoid them so you can loot in peace or find somewhere to immediately bloody your hands, refer to the map above. The hot zones I've noticed are marked with red skulls. It's no coincidence that these locations also coincide with loot-rich spots.

We'll update these locations to reflect the new map as we learn more about 1984 Verdansk.

Here's a list of the hot zones shown on the map above:

  • Verdansk Stadium
  • Verdansk International Airport
  • Atlas Superstore
  • Verdansk Hospital
  • Downtown Tavorsk District
  • Zordaya Prison Complex

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Warzone Rebirth Island map: Best drop locations

Rebirth Island is a much smaller map, currently available in its own playlist. Modes like Rebirth Mini Royale Quads/ Duos are fast-paced matches that take place in condensed areas on the island. If you're hoping to run into other squads quickly as you hunt for the best Warzone guns, here are the best Rebirth Island drop locations:

  • Prison Block 
  • Decon Zone
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Factory

There are also five ammo caches across Rebirth Island, found in: Factory, Chemical Engineering, Security Area, east of Construction Site, and west of Decon Zone.