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New Warzone map: Everything we know

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Looking for details about the new Warzone map? Season 6 has finally arrived in Warzone, bringing with it some map-wide changes. Though we can no longer access the original Verdansk map and its bunkers, due to that nuke in Season 5, there are some new WW2 bunkers to discover. 

There's also more info about the new Warzone map that was announced as part of the Call of Duty: Vanguard reveal, namely that, we're finally leaving Verdansk and heading to the Pacific for a more lush and tropical setting.

So whether you prefer Verdansk, Rebirth Island, or want details about the new Warzone Pacific map, this guide has you covered. If you also want stay up to date with latest competitive builds, this best Warzone loadout list can offer some help.

The new Warzone map is going to the Pacific

Thanks to an update by Raven Software's Associate Creative Director Amos Hodge, we now know a bit more about the upcoming new addition to Warzone. We also know we're finally leaving Verdansk.

You can check out the Vanguard reveal below, handily timestamped for the Call of Duty Warzone new map reveal.

Hodge claimed the team wanted to "feel and character" of Vanguard extends all the way into Call of Duty: Warzone. We're heading all the way to the Pacific, and from the pre-alpha footage of the map seen in the video, it looks really nice. 

The various murky shades of Verdansk are long gone, with lovely waterfalls, palm trees, and blue skies visible. The Warzone update will share an engine with Vanguard too, meaning development will be simultaneous and hopefully both games will be well-supported with regular updates.

Its working title is 'Warzone Pacific' at the moment, but we'll keep you updated with any further developments. We also know the new map will become available shortly after Vanguard's release.

(Image credit: Activision)

Verdansk map updates: what's changing?

In Warzone Season 6, Verdansk has some pretty big map changes. The stadium is shaken up with a huge fissure separating the central grounds into the split upper area and the underground section below. Other parts of downtown have been ruined with fallen buildings as well.

There are also new Warzone bunkers for you to discover and find your way inside, and though they don't offer lots of loot, or require passcodes, their role is likely still to be played as part of teasing Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Last up for Warzone map changes is the return of the original locker room Gulag level. The dark, tight spaces of the 1v1 area are back for season 6.

Warzone Verdansk map hot zones and best loot

The best Warzone loot can be found in supply boxes scattered across the map. The valuable items found in these chests are random, containing weapons (often blueprints with pre-fitted attachments), field upgrades, cash, and even the occasional killstreak. However, it's always worth keeping an eye out for the rarer, orange boxes, which hold better gear such as gas masks and armor satchels that let you hold more armor plates. 

Closely related to the best loot are the hottest zones on the Warzone map. Hot zones are where you can expect the most bloodshed to go down at the very beginning of the game. Whether you want to avoid them so you can loot in peace or find somewhere to immediately bloody your hands, check the list below. It's no coincidence that these locations also coincide with loot-rich spots.

Here's a list of the hot zones: 

  • Gora Summit
  • Verdansk Airport
  • Superstore
  • Verdansk Hospital
  • Downtown Tavorsk District

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Warzone Rebirth Island map: Best drop locations

Rebirth Island is a much smaller map, currently available in its own playlist. Modes like Rebirth Mini Royale Quads/ Duos are fast-paced matches that take place in condensed areas on the island. If you're hoping to run into other squads quickly as you hunt for the best Warzone guns, here are the best Rebirth Island drop locations:

  • Prison Block 
  • Decon Zone
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Factory

There are also five ammo caches across Rebirth Island, found in: Factory, Chemical Engineering, Security Area, east of Construction Site, and west of Decon Zone.