Prince of Persia is back in For Honor's latest crossover event

For Honor’s latest event is bringing back a face we haven’t many years now, with a crossover between it and Prince of Persia.

Starting March 12 and ending on April 2, the Blades of Persia event is being released in waves. The first, launched on March 12, introduces the new ‘Ruler of Time’ game mode. Set in a "transformed Harbor map", this is ostensibly the Dominion game mode with a Prince of Persia twist. Teams will be fighting both the series’ sand creatures and the Prince himself, who can make use of his time-bending powers to be a stronger threat.

From March 19 onwards, the Prince will be replaced by the Dark Prince from Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Ubisoft isn’t yet saying how this newer variant of the Prince will change the game, but it does say that the Harbor map will be revamped once again for the second phase of the event.

It’s not just a variant map and a time-wielding boss, though. 26 new PoP-themed weapons will be available until the end of the event, and the 'Event Pass' will allow players to unlock up to 30 tiers of new stuff. Best of all, that includes two new outfits based on the Sand Wraith from Warrior Within  and… err… Ratash from The Forgotten Sands. I’d have rather have had a Prince of Persia 2008-themed outfit over The Forgotten Sands, but you can’t win them all.

This isn’t the first time For Honor has crashed into other Ubisoft series. Back in 2018, it ran the For the Creed crossover event with Assassin’s Creed, which brought Ezio Auditore and Cesare Borgia to it for a limited time. This is the first time it’s done an event with a series considered inactive, though, which may hint at some more Prince coming in the near future?