Guild Wars 2 is getting a third expansion

(Image credit: ArenaNet)

In an update on what's coming to Guild Wars 2 this spring and summer, ArenaNet also revealed its plans for the more distant future: a new expansion. The developer is keeping quiet on the particulars, but it did share some early concept art, above. 

The last expansion, Path of Fire, launched in 2017, though Guild Wars 2 has continued to receive story updates. Following Visions of the Past: Fire and Steel on March 17, which will let you revisit epic encounters and replay four Season 1 story missions for the first, ArenaNet will continue the Icebrood Saga storyline with its third episode. 

"The episode’s environment will focus on capturing and defending territories in a PvE map, using objectives similar to WvW to drive enemies back, defeat familiar foes, and maximize the potential for rewards," reads the update. "You’ll also tackle a new Strike Mission with a different spin on gameplay mechanics."

You'll also be able to hop back into the Super Adventure Box in the Super Adventure Festival, as well as celebrating the defeat of the Elder Dragons in the summer with the Dragon Bash. 

That should keep you with stuff to do while you wait for news on the next expansion. ArenaNet hasn't even revealed the name yet, so expect the release date to be distant. 

Fraser Brown
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