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An update on this year's PC Gaming Show

(Image credit: Future / PC Gamer)

In the five years that we have produced the PC Gaming Show during E3 week, alongside our many partners, it's fulfilled our goal for it: To be an event that celebrates the spirit of our favorite hobby. When we started in 2015, I said it was an incredible time to be a PC gamer. That's even more true today. We continue to believe in helping to give our amazing hobby at least one yearly moment when everyone comes together to acknowledge what PC gaming is, and what's coming next.

Given the E3 cancellation announced earlier today by the ESA, we're investigating multiple possibilities for this year's PC Gaming Show. It's encouraging to see that Microsoft and Ubisoft are likewise exploring how they might still put on similar conferences in the absence of a physical expo in Los Angeles.

Our hobby is no less vibrant just because there won't be an E3 this year. In March alone, we've got a new Doom, a new Half-Life, and more Mount & Blade. This week we've already enjoyed the release of Call of Duty: Warzone and a big Rainbow Six Siege update. We still want there to be a place for developers of all sizes to announce cool new projects—and, of course, the PC Gaming Show's remit will always be to shine a light on the smaller studios whose passion projects are so key to the success of PC gaming.

The role of the PC Gaming Show is to deliver exciting and new information about the platform we love, and in the absence of a traditional expo we know there will still be tons to talk, write, and make video about. We'll be sharing more on our plans in the coming weeks.

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