Diablo 3 expansion not likely till 2014

Katie Williams at

We were all hoping it'd happen this year, but we've just learned that Blizzard's probably not going to push out a Diablo 3 expansion till 2014. Which is just as well, because my click-finger is still recovering.

VentureBeat reports the news, admitting that while the expansion pack was never given a firm release window, a 2014 release would be a "delay" in comparison to the late-this-year release that gamerkind was hoping for.

Blizzard's undergone a few renovations lately, including the reshuffling of 100 staff on the Titan MMO project, so it's fair to guess that unannounced release plans for the developer's other franchises may have been jumbled as well. It's already been more than a year since Diablo 3 was first unleashed upon the public, causing a rise in carpal tunnel syndrome amongst gamers clicking frenziedly into late hours of the night—but still, with the influx of goodies coming out of this year's E3, we're sure that the latter half of 2013 will pass quicker than we expect.