The Steam Summer Sale 2019 is live

(Image credit: Future)

Summer is officially upon us, and you know what that means: Hot days, hazy nights, biting insects up the wazoo, and a whole bunch of seriously cheap videogames to throw your money at in the 2019 Steam Summer Sale, which is now live.

This year's sale includes the Steam Grand Prix, a racing-themed event that enables players to join a team and contribute "distance points" by completing various quests, like killing someone in Fear the Wolves or hacking a door in Space Hulk: Deathwing.  At 10 am PT/1 pm ET each day of the sale, the team with the most points will claim three GP points, followed by two for second place and one for third. Drivers from the top three teams (out of five) will also be selected to receive random items from their Steam wish lists daily and at the end of the race.

Pig a winner.

(Image credit: Future)

Boost points can also be earned by making purchases during the sale, and if you don't have time for all this running around but still want to be involved, a Pit Stop will be held on July 7 that will enable all players to spend any event tokens earned through Steam purchases. The full Steam Grand Prix rules are available here.

And a few suggestions on solid dealios:

If you see anything else that strikes you as particularly noteworthy, let us know in the comments. The 2019 Steam Summer Sale runs until July 9. After that, the Amazon Prime Day deals start for PC.