Shadow Warrior 2, Stalker series and Divinity Original Sin feature in GOG's Black Friday sale

Hot on the heels of its recently concluded Monstrous Fall event, GOG has now launched its Black Friday Sale—running from today through until November 27. 

As seems to the be the case with most outlets this year, the sale has arrived slightly earlier than expected during which time both Inside and Limbo will be inaugurated into the CD Projekt Red-owned distribution platform. Limbo will also be made available via GOG Connect. 

Sale-wise, there's a number of worthwhile deals on the go, such as the recently released Shadow Warrior 2 for £26.29/$32.87 at 25 percent off, and Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition at half price for £14.99/$18.69. The Stalker series sees certain entries discounted by 75 percent, and my own favourite—Call of Pripyat—is £6.39/$7.99 . 

At a glance, other neat deals include Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines for £3.99/$4.99, Kerbal Space Program for £17.99/$22.49, Grim Dawn for £11.99/$14.93, and Day of the Tentacle Remastered for £7.39/$9.19. There's loads in there though, so please do share your own favourite bargains in the comments below.

You might also want to bookmark our Black Friday PC game deals hub, which we'll be updating over the course of the week. 

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