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Roccat Nyth 3D printable mouse is out in August

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I had the opportunity to play around with a Roccat Nyth at Computex last week, and in addition to being the classiest MMO mouse I've used, its customisation options are seemingly boundless. Wes had a look back at CES, and while the general concept hasn't changed much since then, a Roccat spokesperson did confirm that the mouse will be available this August.

Calling the Nyth an MMO mouse isn't entirely accurate: it can be an MMO mouse, or it can be a stripped back FPS mouse, depending on how you choose to customise it. The package comes with all of the buttons below, which can be 3D printed using tools provided in the box. Roccat will offer its own button variations, but you're also free to create your own. The Nyth comes with software for assigning the buttons using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

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The left side of the mouse has twelve ports for buttons, which is handy if you're keen to trigger actions with your mouse rather than the keyboard. You can actually assign two actions to each of the buttons, which adds up to a total of 24 actions on the left of the mouse. On the other end of the spectrum, it's possible to slot in six wider buttons, or to cover up some of the rows with flat pieces. For the other side of the mouse, the Nyth ships with two righthand side grips secured magnetically.

Here's the button panel. Note the two bottom rows are closed up, meaning you can completely ignore the extra button functionality if you want.

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There's no word on price yet, but it definitely feels like a top-of-the-line mouse. The Nyth will ship in time for Gamescom, which kicks off on August 8.

Shaun Prescott
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