Get Fallout, XCOM, Doom, and other great board games in Amazon's Black Friday sale

Looking for some great games to play at a family or friendly gathering over the holidays? It can be hard for everyone to crowd around a PC, but board games are the perfect alternative, and a bunch of our favorite board games for PC gamers are on sale for Black Friday at Amazon.

Below are some excellent tabletop games you can grab this Black Friday at a discount.

Fallout | $28 (save $32)
Yeah, we were disappointed in Fallout 76, but here's a multiplayer Fallout game that stands the test of time. Explore the post-apocalypse, battle monsters, and create a Fallout story with friends. Deal has expired. Buy on Amazon

XCOM: The Board Game | $48 (save $12)
The co-op board game is a turn-based take on Pandemic-style panic, placing you and a few other friends into specialized roles between combating UFO arrivals and base attacks, serving up lots of tense situations. Buy on Amazon

Doom: The Board Game | $50 (save ($30)
A faithful and thematic translation of the 2016 reboot of Doom, and a game you can play as the space marine or the invading demons. Buy on Amazon

Star Wars: Rebellion | $80 (save $20)
A grand galactic conflict between the rebels and the Empire, with the major characters from the (original) films leading your forces. Buy on Amazon

Arkham Horror: The Card Game | $25 (save $15)
Explore Arkham as paranormal investigators, combating eldritch horrors in this card game with plenty of role-playing elements. Campaign mode even lets you level up your character between sessions. Buy on Amazon

Wasteland Express Delivery Service | $55 (save $25)
What if Mad Max were a deliveryman? While it leans a bit heavily on the luck of dice rolls, it's a big, sprawling game that can still be completed in a couple of hours. Buy on Amazon