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Get an Xbox One wireless gamepad for £35 in this great Cyber Monday controller deal

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If you're looking to augment your PC gaming setup with a great Cyber Monday deal, there are currently a selection of offers available on the best controllers you can buy. Top of the list is Microsoft's Xbox One Wireless Controller, which is available through Currys for just £35. Despite the Xbox branding, it's also one of the best PC pads available—just hook it up via a standard USB cable and it's good to go.

If you're looking for something a little fancier, you can also get £10 off the Series 2 model of the Xbox Elite controller. It comes with a host of customisation options, offers much better build quality and is also Bluetooth capable. Jorge awarded it an incredible 97% in our recent review.

Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller | £34.99 (save £10)

Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller | £34.99 (save £10)
You won't go wrong with the basic Xbox pad, which offers great support for PC gaming. Although if you want a true wireless experience, you'll also need to pick up the wireless dongle to plug into your PC.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller | £159.99 at Amazon UK (save £10)

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller | £159.99 at Amazon UK (save £10)
The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is an improved design of the already excellent Elite Controller. Featuring USB-C charging, adjustable stick tension and trigger locks, the series 2 is the standard by which other controllers are measured. 

On the other side of the console war, the PS4 Dualshock controller is available for £30 through Amazon. The layout is slightly different to the Xbox pads, and some games won't default to the PS4's button icons, but it's still an all around quality controller pick.

Sony PlayStation Dualshock 4 Controller |£29.99 (save £15)

Sony PlayStation Dualshock 4 Controller |£29.99 (save £15)
A sturdy pick for a PC controller, especially if you prefer a more symmetrical thumb stick placement. Support isn't quite as good as the Xbox controller, but this is still a great pad.

Cyber Monday deals

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