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Get a year's subscription to PC Gamer magazine for just £39.99

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The Cyber Monday deals aren't just for PC parts. We're also giving a frankly ridiculous £37.88 off a year's subscription of our magazine—that's 13 issues full of features, reviews, hardware reports and, yes, even some jokes, all for just £39.99. That's just £3.07 per issue, which is, frankly, a steal. Someone call the police.

In the most recent issue, we talked to Paradox about the grand strategy sequel Crusader Kings 3, discovered what makes a great videogame safe room, and went behind-the-scenes on tactical FPS Squad. Plus, each issue features reviews, hardware advice, and our Extra Life section that celebrates the best of PC gaming's past.

PC Gamer magazine subscription | £39.99 (save £37.88)
Get 13 issues of PC Gamer magazine delivered direct to your door. Each issue is packed full of features, reviews and hardware advice, and comes with a free gift and exclusive subscriber cover. Use the code EVERYTHING20 to get the listed price.

It's the best way to catch up with the full breadth of PC gaming, from games to the community that loves them, all delivered straight to your door. Plus, every issue comes with a free gift code—this month we gave away Europa Universalis IV—and an exclusive subscriber cover. Take a look below at the beautiful covers that could be arriving direct to your door, and head to MyFavouriteMagazines to take advantage of the deal—using the code EVERYTHING20 to get the full discount.

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Phil leads PC Gamer's UK team. He was previously the editor of the magazine, and thinks you should definitely subscribe to it. He enjoys RPGs and immersive sims, and can often be found reviewing Hitman games. He's largely responsible for the Tub Geralt thing, but still isn't sorry.