Twitch Prime is giving away Apex Legends skins for Amazon Prime Day

(Image credit: EA)

Amazon Prime Day, that time of year where things are cheap, is fast approaching, kicking off on July 15. Twitch Prime has plans of its own, apparently, including making a group of athletes compete in one of EA's sports games, though the specific title has yet to be announced. Do you care if Mo Farah can play Fifa? Probably not. Luckily, there will be freebies for Prime members. 

On July 3, you'll be able to get your hands on an exclusive Legend and weapon skin for Apex Legends. Throughout the rest of July and August, you'll be able to get three more skins, along with something for an EA game. You'll have to wait to find out what that actually is. 

Then on July 13, just before Prime Day, celebrities and streamers will "descend on London and Las Vegas", which sounds like a pretty serious threat. Hopefully London and Las Vegas will be prepared with tranquillisers and comically large nets. Those that manage to get through will be part of an 8-hour livestream featuring tournaments in Apex Legends and whatever EA sports game they settle on. 

If you're not in the audience, you can still watch the tournaments on Twitch

Twitch Prime membership comes with Amazon Prime, and you can link your Twitch account to your Amazon one and get a pretty eclectic selection of in-game rewards and more, regularly. It's not bad if you're already paying for Prime. 

Prime Day itself starts at midnight on July 15 and will run through July 16.