This new Micro ATX case is perfect for your small form factor Cyberpunk 2077 PC build

Thermaltake AH T200 Micro ATX case in black and snow white
(Image credit: Thermaltake)

Thermaltake just announced the new AH T200 Micro ATX case, and it honestly looks like my Cyberpunk 2077 modding dream. If you're looking for a small form factor case to build a gaming PC for Cyberpunk 2077, this is definitely worth a look. Hot off the Thermatake sizzle reel, it seems the AH T200 is essentially a smaller version of the Thermaltake AH T600 full tower, so it has many of the same features.

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It’s an open frame chassis design, which allows for great ventilation, and includes gorgeous, hinged, tempered glass panels on either side, as well as a cockpit-like, face plate that lends itself well to the helicopter-influenced style. Yes, helicopter, not Gundam-inspired.

That means you can showcase your components and appreciate your RGBs from a host of angles, though you’ll have to make sure your cable management is on point. Although there’s good cable routing around the back of the MOBO, it'll be hard to hide it if you mess up.

There’s also some incredible modularity with the AH series, making them great in terms of expandability. You can strip it down to its skeleton frame to get into those awkward corners, or if you’re feeling handy there’s potential to add greebles, or go off and sandblast entire sections—if that's how you roll.

However sci-fi the AH T200 chassis looks, there are always some tradeoffs you’ll have to consider when building a small form-factor PC. Unfortunately the AH T200 doesn’t allow for vertical GPU mounting, and there are some potential restrictions in terms of component sizes with the smaller interior, so make sure you do your research before jumping in. 

That being said, it’s got space for a triple slot GPU, meaning it actually should have the space to house a monstrous Founders Edition of the Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics card, if you can ever manage to get your hands on one.

The AH T200 chassis comes in either black, or snow white with black accenting, just like its larger counterpart, and is selling for $150 on the Thermaltake store right now. That works out at $100 less than the larger T600 chassis it's modeled on. Just keep in mind the size restrictions. There’s nothing worse than being grounded and ready to get stuck into building, only to discover your components are too large.  

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