The best Nvidia Shield deals this January

The best Nvidia Shield deals this January

The game-streaming future is fast approaching and the Nvidia Shield is trying to blaze that trail for us already. This 'micro-console' can stream games directly to your living room (or elsewhere) TV, in 4K, without the need for a wallet-hitting gaming PC or home console. Here, we have rounded up the best Nvidia Shield deals for your streaming needs as we plow straight into that future.

As well as games, Nvidia's shield will usefully take care of your TV and film needs, as it has the usual streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video, built in, but also includes the more niche and unusual services like HBO Now or Plex. Again, all this is done in fabulous 4K HDR. Away from watchable media, it'll provide another access point to your music streaming services like Spotify and Amazon music, while including useful smart gimmicks like voice search and control. The higher priced models extend this function to offering integration into all your smart home tech, be they lights, cameras or coffee machines. It's a pretty versatile core as an entertainment hub, and headlining game streaming technology, in 4K, is really impressive.

Naturally, you'll need something to plug your brand new Shield into, so check out our breakdown of the best 4K gaming TVs.

The Shield comes in three models: the base edition that comes with a remote; a gaming package that includes a controller; and the aforementioned smart home-geared bundle with Nvidia's SmartThings Link. 

Currently there's a neat little offer on the gaming edition over at Amazon, where you can get it for $187 as opposed to the 200 dollar list price, but unless you're going to lean into that functionality with great rigour, we recommend the vanilla model

If the Shield isn't for you, but you still want to game in your living room, check out our list of the best gaming laptops for more options.

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