Students are holding their college graduation ceremony in Minecraft

(Image credit: Rochester Institute of Technology)

Rochester Institute of Technology's class of 2020 are having a bit of a weird graduation ceremony this year. Due to the lockdown, the college's Electronic Gaming Society has decided to re-create the graduation ceremony in Minecraft. The in-game celebrations will come complete with stage, podium, chairs, and a custom graduation gown skin.

Graduating students will be announced by their usernames and be called to walk across the stage. The ceremony will be followed by a number of speeches from the graduating students. 

The ceremony all sounds pretty normal, but the society has even made an in-game version of RIT's President to greet them as they walk across the stage. The President will be roleplayed by one of the society's members and be represented by a Minecraft iron golem with a photo of the President on it's face. The suit-wearing golem will then throw a diploma at the student as congratulations. 

(Image credit: Rochester Institute of Technology)

This is just one part of a bigger project that RIT's Electronic Gaming Society has been working on. The society has been slowly building their college campus in Minecraft block-by-block. From the comparison video below, it looks like they've done an excellent job.

If you did, for some reason, want to watch the ceremony, anyone with Minecraft can attend. The ceremony will take place 8:00 PM May 15, but those who don't have the game can watch the livestream on Twitch, Youtube, and Mixer

If you've been inspired by the Electronic Gaming Societies builds, you can check out our best Minecraft mods, Minecraft texture packs, and Minecraft shaders lists to help create your own impressive builds. 


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