The 26 best Minecraft house ideas for 1.20

Minecraft house ideas - a wood and stone multilevel house with a mine entrance
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Collecting the best Minecraft house ideas to stoke your creative fires with fresh logs? Inspiration is sadly not infinite like Minecraft's water source blocks, so any time you can find a stash of it is a real treasure. Fortunately for all of your builds not yet realized: you're in the right place. We've got enough Minecraft architecture to overflow dozens of Museums of Minecraft Art, but you don't have to queue up in line or have sticker-shock at ticket prices. With Minecraft set up as the king of variety, any cubic condo you can dream up can take on any imaginable form—as long as it's square—so nailing the inspiration for your next build is even more critical.

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We've leapt beyond the everyday ideas and clambered up to the creative penthouse of the finest designers instead. With the endless Minecraft house builds out there to look through, we've already done all the hard work to get the very best together in one place, so now you can move right on to choose the perfect picks to tune up your Minecraft motor. So whether you're hoping to put together a new build like your own personal cubic Ikea, or you're hunting up new decorating ideas for a fresh project, we've got a one stop shop for Minecraft builds of all kinds. Plus, we've varied our picks for every taste, from luxurious lodgings, to captivating cabins, and even homely homesteads.

If you’re just getting started with the digital construction of your very own Minecraft house, getting a grasp of the basics is a surefire way to start. We’ve gathered a double chest of tools to use, with walkthroughs of builds of all kinds, from starter survival houses all the way up to opulent ultra-modern homes you can use for your personal lifestyles of the rich and blocky.

Each one of these builds has diverse options to slip into your diamond toolbag of knowledge. So let’s rifle through the collection of Minecraft house ideas, and get you started on your next project. 

Minecraft house ideas: simple house ideas

Simple bunker house

Courtesy of the clever mind of BigTonyMC, this little A-frame bunker house is a simple build for fresh starts or new players alike. With all the basics you'll need, the spruce bunker looks perfectly at home in any field or forest, like your very own viking hobbit hole.

Simple wooden house

TheMythicalSasuage has designed the perfect simple wooden house. This 8x8 cabin not only looks great, but it's also easy to build and takes no time at all, making it the perfect place for when you're new. Just because you're starting out doesn't mean your base needs to look basic.

Simple cherry blossom starter house

A wonderful and colorful cherry blossom starter house from Polar Cat that makes the most of the new Cherry Blossom biome, this build is accessible from the start of any new Minecraft world that has access to the sweet-smelling biome. With this build, your new house will be up in no time and you'll be able to have visitors over for cake too.

Minecraft house ideas: survival house ideas

Starter survival house

Straight from the mind of Gorillo, these three options for your first survival house can get you started off right no matter what style you like. From a little A-frame dugout to an underwater base or a stately treehouse, these builds use easy-to-acquire blocks and are quick to put up and move in, so you can get on to exploring and mining.

Medieval survival house with watchtower

This gorgeous house with a watchtower is courtesy of BusyBuilds, and makes good use of patterned walls and the contrast between dark oak and birch. With big bay windows and a watchtower that's handy for clearing the area around your house with your ranged weapon of choice, this is a great pick for fine living in your next survival world—especially since it uses easily obtained blocks, with the rarest being the humble deepslate.

Survival house with a mine entrance

Made with accessible materials, this survival house will last you, thanks to the detail work from Foxel. Cozy, functional, and easy to get built and working, you'll be the most stylish setup. Mostly stone and oak, the stone block pathways outside are probably my favorite touch, along with the copper mine-cart stops. Don't be afraid to stick something else there if you haven't found copper yet, though!

Minecraft house ideas: wooden house ideas

Cherry blossom house

With deep slate roof accents and lots of pink wood, this build from SheepGG shows off the cherry blossom biome in Minecraft 1.20 in all the best ways. It's even got a little moat so you can keep your fishy friends close at hand, if you're anything like me.

Dark oak house with tower

With a stately and elegant look, dark oak is perfect for the discerning builder, and Lex the Builder uses it to full effect. Whether you want to decorate yours to be rustic, or stick to the 'proper manor in the woods' look, you can't go wrong with a proper dark oak build, as long as you've found the saplings in your world, that is.

Autumn-themed wooden house

To enjoy our cooler times is Zaypixel's Autumn cabin, a home complete with a thatched roof, cushy fireplace, and plenty of pumpkins. This cabin is on the snug side and I love the brick accents throughout the exterior of the Minecraft cabin house. Zaypixel's tutorial is super easy to follow and together with its soft piano score makes for a relaxing watch even if you're not planning on building.

Multifloor wood house

Looking for a wooden house that's a little more impressive? Check out JUN MAB's huge, wooden house which can be built in either survival or creative mode. This home is multilayered and a great base for spotting from afar. 

Minecraft house ideas: farmhouse ideas

Quaint mixed-stone farmhouse

Minecraft house ideas - A Small farmhouse build with a circular field beside it

(Image credit: TheMythicalSausage / Mojang)

If you would like a more traditional farmhouse then TheMythicalSausage's farm build is just for you. The allotment for farming is placed right next to the home and has an interesting round shape instead of a square. The wooden bench on the front porch is also a lovely touch.

Big multi-level farmhouse

JUN MAB's is back on the list again with their farmhouse build, which is simply stunning. Instead of having the farm allotment and house separated, they have cleverly tied the two areas together in a staggered structure creating one complete build. Super easy tutorial to follow, and I highly suggest you take a look at their other videos for more beautiful builds.

Raised survival farmhouse

In this excellent build from SheepGG, you can maximize your farmhouse's space by having a crafting and growing area underneath your house. With relatively accessible supplies, you can easily pivot right into this build from your starter house—or even build it first, if you're a quick materials collector. My favorite part is the scaffolding used as little display tables for the potted plants, both adorable and functional.

Minecraft house ideas: treehouse ideas

Big spiral treehouse

In this stunning two part tutorial, DiddiHD shows us a magnificent treehouse. Around the huge jungle tree, a variety of different open rooms give you plenty of space for everything from enchantment to storage. There's even a lovely hanging kitchen, and plenty of room to customize or add-on if you really want to make it your own.

Simple treehouse

Ayvocado's treehouse tutorial is one to watch for a quick and easy build. The ladder for this house is built into the trunk of the tree and there's even a little wooden veranda that you can use as a lookout. 


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Treehouse with lookout

This treehouse build by Mr Mirror is built around the trunk of the tree instead of inside it, so offers a 360-degree lookout. There's also plenty of space inside for all your crafting equipment and a place to rest.

Minecraft house ideas: modern house ideas

Minimalist modern house

JUN MAB's builds are back with their take on a modern Minecraft house. Clean lines and minimalist designs transfer really well into Minecraft's blocky world and this modern build definitely fits the bill. 

Large modern house with a pool

Showing off clean rooms and a lit pool, HALNY has a modern house that's Minecraft Cribs ready. Using slabs for detailed framing is a lovely touch that gives a very mid-century modern look to the exterior, while the interior benefits from large open plan rooms, wide hallways, and tall windows. It's not a properly massive build, but it feels like it is thanks to the clever design.

Classic modern house

Rizzial has a bunch of slick house ideas on their Minecraft channel but this modern house build stuck out because it's slightly bigger with three whole floors. I love how angular this build is and the brick, wood, and white blocks balance each other out perfectly.

Floating modern house

Modern Minecraft houses are plush enough, but what about a modern Minecraft house on water? Knight's modern house has been built to make it look like it's floating effortlessly on water. It's a build that definitely benefits from some of the best Minecraft shaders, but it's stunning nonetheless. 

Minecraft house ideas: underground house ideas

Underground modern house

Tasteful and full of clean lines and shapes, this build from Nanadroid has all the appeal of an underground house, but with the light and modern appeal of huge skylight windows. Plus, if you're a fan of fish tanks, this one is one of the best I've ever seen, being visible on three sides and really showing off how colorful Minecraft's fish can be. So get yourself a modern upgrade, without the massive price tag.

Clover-shaped underground house

Minecraft house ideas - An underground house with four circular silos connected together.

(Image credit: ItsMarloe / Mojang)

When I think underground house I just think of a shabby bunker, but ItsMarloe's underground base has blown my expectations away. It's not exactly inconspicuous, but it certainly has plenty of style. 

Circular stepped underground house

Another stylish Minecraft underground house is from Tanol Games, who's build kind of looks like a Pokéball. The really cool thing about this base is that there's a tree at its centre, bringing some life down into the blocky, earthy depths.

Minecraft house ideas: Underwater house ideas

Sloped underwater house

The first to dive into Minecraft's waters with an underwater house is ManDooMin, bringing a glass-fronted house of clean white quartz to the table. With a sharp looking wedge shape, the two levels are cozy—and you can even expand the house further down to give yourself more floors to work with.

Hidden underwater house

Sunken underneath a fake island, Lomby's underwater house is a multiroom complex hidden away from prying eyes. Whether you just want to feel like a seafloor supervillain or have a legitimate need to hide your base away, this is a stylish option that can expand underground.

Segmented underwater base

IrieGenie brings us a true marvel of the sea, an underwater house that's a sprawling complex of hallways and rooms that can serve your every need. Much like an iceberg, only a small part of the base is visible above the waves, with stacked chambers leading down to a central hub that expands outward at the seabed. If you want to trip the life aquatic, this is your chance.

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