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The best Minecraft texture packs

Minecraft texture packs - LBPR Reloaded texture pack showing a realistic white and block spotted cow standing in front of a cobblestone village house
(Image credit: 1LotS, Scuttles, GKrond, Misa)

Choosing correctly when nabbing the best Minecraft texture pack is the easiest way to totally change the look and feel of your game. Officially, they’re now referred to as resource packs, and are simpler than ever before to install, which makes transforming the look of your Minecraft world easy. While you won't find a pack to remove Minecraft’s basic boxy style, new textures can really vary, and you can even get your game looking sharp and faux-realistic, cel-shaded, or even dark and gothic, with endless options. Want your Minecraft to come straight out of Super Mario, or other 8 bit classics? The choice is yours. Want a real cow stretched across the Minecraft frame? You’re can find it. If you can dream it up it, someone has probably already made it for Minecraft. 

Best of Minecraft

BSL Minecraft Shaders

(Image credit: BSL Shaders)

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Installing Minecraft texture packs is easier than ever. Following the brief guide below will net you a new look in no time. If you do find one that doesn’t work, you may need to roll back your Minecraft install to an earlier version. Thankfully, you can do that through the standard Minecraft launcher in the Installations tab any time you like.

Most of the packs on this list are for the Java Edition of Minecraft—meaning the version played through the Minecraft Launcher. The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft does have custom textures available through the Minecraft Catalog. Some of these packs do actually have Bedrock versions available, so those are marked to let you know in case you play the Bedrock version.

With the 1.18 update only just arriving, many of these packs won't immediately update to the new version. We've noted which already have 1.18 compatibility for you to try out. Even though many packs are still on version 1.17, Caves and Cliffs part 2 didn't add too many new blocks, so you should be able to play with a 1.17 version texture pack without too many oddities.

How to install Minecraft texture packs

  • Download the texture pack (It may come as a .Zip file. If so, don’t extract it). 
  • Start Minecraft and click 'Options'
  • Next click 'Resource Packs'
  • Now click on 'Open Resource Packs folder'
  • From here, drag the texture pack file into the folder
  • The texture pack should now appear in the list of usable add-ons

What's the difference between texture packs and resource packs?

As far as most people need to be concerned, there's no difference between a texture pack and a resource pack. If you do want a bit of Minecraft history though, Texture Packs are actually the deprecated system for adding new textures to Minecraft. All of the packs you'll find on this list are technically Resource Packs, the new system that allows you to add all sorts of custom assets to Minecraft like animations, fonts, sounds, and more, not just textures. 

Minecraft default style texture packs

If you want to freshen up your Minecraft experience without getting acquainted with an entirely new look, a texture pack that's inspired by the game's default blocks is the way to go. These texture and resource packs often use higher resolution files than standard Minecraft but aim to keep the same style and feel.

Faithful Pack

(Image credit: Faithful Team)

Version: 1.18 | Resolution: 32x32 | Download

Wait, isn't that just regular Minecraft? Nope, but it's no surprise you'd get them confused. The Faithful Pack doubles the resolution of Minecraft's textures while staying true to the source material. If you want a slightly refreshed look for Minecraft without straying far from the original, Faithful is the way to go.


(Image credit: Schmueles)

Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 32x32 | Download (Bedrock available)

Depixel is another double resolution texture pack that aims to stick close to Minecraft's original. It does take artistic license in places, like with that skeleton's slightly spookier face, but it does generally stay quite true to classic Minecraft. Consider this just one step past the Faithful Pack on the vanilla-to-stylized scale.

Bare Bones

(Image credit: RobotPantaloons)

Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16x16 | Download (Bedrock available)

Bare Bones offers the answer to the question "do we really need leaves?" and that answer is "nah." This is another default-inspired pack, though this one takes some extra creative liberty by stripping down the default textures to an even more basic level. It's full of flat colors without any extra shades wasted on silly things like the illusion of texture. It's straightforward and to the point. 

JustTimm's Vanilla Additions

(Image credit: Mojang)

Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16x16 | Download

At first glance, Vanilla Additions doesn't appear to change much, but the magic is in the details. This pack is designed to maintain the original look of Minecraft while adding smaller things that liven it up with more variety. More varied mods, textures that change depending on the biome, and more dynamic UI. If you like how Minecraft looks already, this just makes it a bit better. 

Minecraft realistic texture packs

If you want exceptionally-detailed textures for your 3D block worlds, some creators have made texture packs with resolutions of 512 pixels (or more). These are the most realistic Minecraft texture packs around. Some HD texture packs require using Optifine and most recommend using a shader pack for ultimate beautification. You can pick your favorite from our list of best Minecraft shaders

There are a lot of work-in-progress HD texture packs out there, some of which you'll have to pay to get the complete versions of. We've included the best free options here for you, but if you're dedicated to the HD life, you may also want to keep an eye on Stratum and Realistico.


(Image credit: Luna HD)

Version: 1.16 | Resolution: 512x512 | Download

LUNA HD is one of the best realistic texture packs for Minecraft. To get access to the high-end packs you'll need to sign up to the team's Patreon, you can download the 32x pack as a taster and then sign up for higher resolutions. 

LB Photo Realism Reload

(Image credit: 1LotS, Scuttles, GKrond, Misa)

Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 512x512 | Download (Bedrock available)

LBPR may be the best all-around HD texture pack choice thanks to the years of work and history from various artists that it's been built on. Animals, villagers, ores, trees, and terrain are all represented in high resolution textures with some stylistic choices that deviate from the vanilla look.

RTX Ray Tracing Pack

(Image credit: Arkadya)

Version: 1.17.1 | Resolution: 1024x1024 | Download

Don't worry, this texture pack doesn't actually require an RTX-capable graphics card. This is a set of textures originally made by RazzleBerries with Nvidia to show off their Minecraft RTX mode for Minecraft Bedrock. It's been converted to Java edition by Arkadya. This isn't a full texture set, only including some bricks, concrete, planks, and a few other blocks. You probably won't be playing in survival with it on, but it's neat to use for screenshots!

Harkenburg City

(Image credit: Bluecolty)

Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16x16 | Download

Herkenburg isn't an HD texture pack, using the same resolution as Minecraft's default textures, but it's definitely realistic. Harkenburg doesn't just have nice modern looking bricks and ladders, it also turns other Minecraft blocks into modern objects. The furnace becomes a kitchen stove, the anvil a toilet, and various types of coral are traffic cones and fire hydrants. It doesn't make much sense in survival mode, but it's a great pack for working on a modern day city build if you're a creative mode person.

Minecraft PvP texture packs

Minecraft PvP texture packs are a bit different from the usual resource packs. Unlike other visual overhauls that prioritize a certain look, a PvP texture pack has different goals. Many PvP packs will be lower resolution to make sure your performance and FPS stay as high as possible. You'll also find that PvP texture packs focus on reticles that are easy to see, making swords smaller so they don't block as much of your view, and helping distinguish between ore blocks better. The PvP packs down below each do most of those things, but if you want a quick boost to your PvP play you can try out smaller additions like Short Swords, Clear Hotbar, and Clear GUI.

TimeDeo 2k

Version: Unlisted | Resolution: 16x16 | Download

TimeDeo 2k is an old community favorite PvP texture pack. It now has a revamped version created by Finlay, too. TimeDeo 2k has very high contrast colors, meaning you won't have any trouble distinguishing between armors, weapons, and different ores at a glance. Its open style reticle is easy to spot at the center of your screen for games that require a lot of bow shooting.

Bombies 80k

Version: 1.7.10+ | Resolution: 16x16 | Download

Bombies 80k is the latest pack from another frequent PvP texture pack maker, Tory. It has a bright, almost pastel look for its metal armor and tools that make them stand out, along with ore borders to help you spot resources quickly. For extra visibility, you can also grab the short swords version. Bombies 80k also has some really pretty custom skies. Those probably won't help you in PvP, but they're quite nice!

Colb's PvP Packs

(Image credit: Colb)

Version: 1.8.9+ | Resolution: 16x16 | Download

Colb has a ton of PvP texture packs but Dragonfruit was a long time favorite. There are a lot of other variations, based on different fruits (and gems), which determine the color that your diamond tools, armor, and ores will be. All of Colb's packs are all technically made for version 1.8.9, so Minecraft will warn you that they aren't compatible with newer versions. Don't worry, you can still use them just fine.


Version: 1.16.5 | Resolution: 16x16 | Download

Aluzion is a more cartoony-style pack with some bold colors that are great for visibility. It makes the patterns on ores more orderly and uses more big chunks of color instead of the shading on Minecraft's default textures. Chunky outlines on different armor styles help with spotting other players too. Aluzion also uses a shorter sword style to help you see during combat.

Minecraft medieval texture packs

These stylish texture and resource packs take lots of artistic liberty with Minecraft's blocky canvas. Medieval texture packs can turn your Minecraft worlds into fantasy playgrounds worthy of your best castle and village builds.

John Smith Legacy

(Image credit: John Smith, JimStoneCraft)

Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 32x32 | Download (Bedrock available)

We couldn’t go without mentioning arguably the best medieval pack out there for Minecraft. Whether you’re looking to build a castle with a sprawling courtyard or fancy creating a western theme park with killer robots, the John Smith pack has all that and more. This pack has become the go-to staple for many players, and if you happen to find yourself looking on YouTube for build guides, it’s likely this is the pack you’ll see used.


(Image credit: Doku, HickeryDickery)

Version: 1.16.4 | Resolution: 32x32 | Download (Bedrock available)

Dokucraft is a longtime popular Minecraft texture pack for its medieval fantasy RPG style. It's exploded into several equally interesting variations that are all worth giving a try. Up above is the standard Dokucraft Light but there's also the slightly more fantastical Dokucraft High and exceptionally fantasy-inspired Dokucraft Dwarven.

Chroma Hills

(Image credit: SycloneSJS)

Version: 1.16 | Resolution: 128x128 | Download

Chroma Hills is another RPG-style medieval texture pack that's in a higher resolution than some other options, giving it a slightly more realistic feel. 


(Image credit: FishyMint)

Version: 1.18 | Resolution: 32x32| Download

Mythic has a very dark fantasy vibe to it, even more than Dokucraft's darker versions or John Smith. Just look at that witch's tongue, seriously. Its other mobs and weapons and armor also have a very gritty medieval feeling to them with an edge of steampunk too.


Minecraft texture pack - Joliecraft - A whimsical sun rises in the sky behind a villager with a surprised face walking out of a house with muted wood colors

(Image credit: Mojang, Andre Jolicoeur)

Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16x16 | Download (Bedrock available)

Jolicraft is a cute and whimsical medieval texture pack with a sort of storybook quality to it. With its yellowish hue and paper-y menus and a sun that looks like a painting, it's definitely an even craftier version of Minecraft.

Minecraft cute texture packs

As if Minecraft weren't adorable enough, these cute texture packs turn the sweet up to 11. The cutest Minecraft texture packs often have bright, simple colors that are a joy to look at. Some of them are just super, super pink. Here are some of the best cute Minecraft texture packs out there.


Minecraft texture pack - Woodpecker - a view of a small village with cartoonish, bright colored blocks.

(Image credit: Zob)

Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16x16 | Download 

This super cute pack is full of bright colors and has a slightly medieval theme. It's a great option for players who want something just a little softer than other medieval style texture packs. It also has randomized textures for some blocks, such as stone and wood planks to add a bit of variety to your world.


(Image credit: Nongfu)

Version: 1.16 | Resolution: 16x16 | Download (Bedrock available)

Hafen's bright colors and chunky grass textures almost make it look like it's based on old console platformer aesthetics. Its mobs are adorable too with their cartoony little eyes. And the interface might actually be the cutest part, with its rounded tabs and light blue colors scheme. The font can be difficult to read for some, the creator warns, so there's an alternate font choice available included in the pack.

Rodrigo's Pack

Minecraft texture packs - Rodrigo's Pack - Two village houses with very simplified, colors. The grass blocks are all outlined, giving the ground a grid-like look.

(Image credit: Rodrigo AI)

Version: 1.16 | Resolution: 8x8 | Download

Rodrigo's pack is a simplified, cartoon-y look with lots of color. The edges of blocks are all outlined, giving Minecraft an even blockier look than before (amazing that was somehow possible). Its textures are styled as 8x8 blocks instead of Minecraft's already small 16x16 pixel squares, making it one of the smallest resolution packs. That's part of what makes it so dang cute!

Pastel Craft

Minecraft texture pack - Pastelcraft - A field of crops, pastel yellow wheat and pastel green carrot leaves

(Image credit: XradicalD)

Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16x16 | Download (Bedrock available)

Just look at those flat, pleasant textures. Pastel Craft adopts an exclusively pastel color palette, as you'd expect, and the results are pretty magical. 

Minecraft but make it cute✿

(Image credit: aricrossingww / mariicx / Mojang Studios)

Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16x16 | Download

Minecraft but make it cute✿ is a collection created by aricrossingww of their own texture packs placed together with some other community-made packs. The result is an ultra-adorable, pastel dream world that's so cute it even transformed Minecraft's hellish Nether into a pink kawaii paradise.

Minecraft themed texture packs

If you want to really mess around with your Minecraft experience, these themed texture packs make Minecraft look like it belongs in a totally different universe.



(Image credit: macio6)

Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 128x and 256x | Download 

MineBricks, created by Macio6 Productions, is a texture pack that turns Minecraft's classic blocks into Lego bricks. Minecraft and Lego have joined forces in the past to create official physical sets, but the idea that you can now turn your in-game creations into Lego parts with this texture pack is awesome.

MS Painted

(Image credit: Stridey)

Version: 1.18 | Resolution: 128x128 | Download 

This Minecraft texture pack might look ugly, and maybe it is, but that's what makes it so wonderful. As its name implies, it was created using Microsoft Paint and a mouse. It's undeniably silly, but it totally takes effort to make something so intentionally inelegant without making it painful to look at. 

Retro NES

(Image credit: Puffcap, Befarrar)

Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16x16 | Download (Bedrock available)

Minecraft evokes that feeling of 8-bit nostalgia that all of us over a certain age are susceptible to. With the Retro NES pack, you can turn the clock back and relive your youth. It's a little hard on the eyes but it sure is fun. Now you just need to get to the Nether and turn the whole place into one big Bowser fortress. 

Wind Waker Edition

(Image credit: Pavlovs_Walrus)

Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16x16 | Download

For even more Nintendo flair, the Wind Waker pack harkens to the Zelda game whose style is probably most compatible with Minecraft. It's an extremely bright and colorful pack that riffs on Wind Waker's cartoony style. Most often it will feel like any other stylized Minecraft texture pack, but the villagers and mobs have very Zelda-inspired colors and designs that are a nice reminder of its roots.