How to unlock Street Fighter 6's classic outfits

Juri's Outfit 2 in Street Fighter 6.
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Want to know how to unlock the classic outfits for Street Fighter 6’s roster, plus alternate outfits for its newcomers? Capcom’s latest fighting game has given a number of its characters a fresh new look, marking a new era in 2D fighting game history. If you’re missing their old-school style though, don’t worry. Each returning fighter has a classic look that you can unlock, while the newcomers are given a secondary outfit to rock.

There are two ways to unlock Outfit 2: Either with your wallet, or by doing a little in-game grinding to get them free of charge. I’ll detail each way to get your hands on these. Personally, I’d recommend going for the latter option, especially if you’re planning on checking out the story-based World Tour mode anyway. It’s relatively easy to unlock each costume, and you can save your precious pennies. 

Whatever your desired method, here’s how to unlock a second fit for the cast of Street Fighter 6.

How to unlock classic costumes without spending money 

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If you’re willing to put a little bit of time in, it’s very easy to unlock Street Fighter 6’s alternate costumes without having to reach for your credit card. 

To unlock a character’s Outfit 2 option, you’ll need to max out their bond in World Tour, Street Fighter 6’s singleplayer story mode. Each fighter has their own friendship meter that can be increased in a number of ways, and once you reach 100 points you’ll be awarded a new fit to show off in battle. Here are the ways you can increase your bond with each fighter.

Give them their favourite gift

You can buy gifts from various merchants dotted all over the globe or from beating the snot out of random civilians, which can then be given to your desired character for some sweet friendship gains. Most of these gifts will only award one or two points depending on the fighter, but everyone also has that one gift they really love. If you gift the correct present, you'll add a whopping five points to their friendship meter.

Fight them

Yep, you read that right. Sparring is the language of love in Street Fighter, and if you level up your mastery of a character’s fighting style enough, they’ll ask you to spar with them. Winning will net you a tidy seven points towards maxing their friendship, so you better get practicing.  

Complete mastery quests

Once you've levelled up a master's fighting style enough, you'll unlock a character-specific side quest to complete. These mastery quests will give 10 points once completed, and they're usually pretty simple to do, too. 

Smooth-talk them

Sometimes chatting with your masters can present you with some dialogue options. It appears that there may be a right and wrong choice to make for each one, with the right one granting you five points and an incorrect response netting either two or zero points. Make sure you know enough about each fighter before you try chatting with them.  

How to unlock classic outfits in the Shop 

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If you have zero interest in World Tour, you might want to simply throw money at the game instead. If that's more your speed, you just need to head over to the Goods Shop tab from the main menu. You should be able to purchase each fighter's Outfit 2 with Fighter Coins, Street Fighter 6's premium currency. They should cost around 50 Fighter Coins each, but if that's changed I'll be sure to update this with the correct prices. With 18 fighters in the starting roster, that's around 900 Fighter Coins to unlock the full wardrobe of fits. 

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