Stray: How to get all the badges

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If wearing a robot-carrying cat jacket in Stray wasn't cool enough, you can also adorn it with badges. Some badges will be a reward for helping robots you meet on your adventures, whereas others require a bit of sleuthing to find. In this guide, I'll tell you where to find all the badges in Stray.

Stray: Where to find all the badges

There are six badges available in Stray, and they take varying levels of effort to acquire. Once found, they'll be attached to your little jacket and you can proudly show them off. Here's how to get them all:

  • Upon finding all eight sheets of music for Morusque in the Slums, he'll give you the Music badges.
  • After you help Seamus find his dad, you'll get the Outsiders badge.
  • In Antvillage, if you find the flowers for Malo, she'll give you the Plant badge.
  • The Cat badge can be found in a safe in Midtown.
  • The Police badge can be found in Midtown. Head down the alley between the clothes store and security room and climb up the air conditioning units to jump through a barred window. The Police badge can be found on a robot.
  • When inside the Neco factory, you'll see a robot you can speak to who's lost his keys. Carry on until you see a bunch of barrels to your right that you can cross to get the keys. When you cross back over, head to the left and you'll see a lever you can pull that'll let you get back to the robot. He'll give you the Neco badge as a thank you.
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