Stray: Where to find the red, yellow and purple plants for Malo

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Once you reach Antvillage in Stray, you'll find a robot, Malo, that wants you to collect three rare flowers for her. You'll need to find purple, yellow and red flowers to complete her rare flower collection. Somehow, she's gone all this time without being able to reach them but now you, the little feline Outsider, can collect them for her.

This will earn you a new badge for your little cat jacket, so let's see where to find them.

Where to find the flowers in Antvillage 

These flowers are relatively easy to find but, before you can collect them, you must speak with Zbaltazar the Outsider, who is meditating in front of a bunch of screens. After B12 discovers a secret about the scientist, he won't let you speak to anyone or interact with anything for a while, so do some exploring and find Zbaltazar a few levels above.

After speaking with him, you can go and find the flowers or Malo, it doesn't matter which order you do it in. Malo is the level above Zbaltazar, surrounded by plants, so she's easy to spot. You can find the plants in the following locations:

  • The purple plant can be found on the tree to the right where Alexander is standing. Climb onto the tree and into the branches to retrieve it. 
  • The yellow plant can be found near where Malo is found. Jump down to the right of her location to get to the yellow plant. 
  • The red plant can be found by jumping into the bucket in front of where Marie and Noam are playing dominoes. Once you've reached the base of the tree, jump across the barrels to find the two robots scavenging. You can collect the red plant from the tree and a nice nod to Skyrim's vendors. 

You'll get a nice new badge from Malo for your troubles.

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