Stray: How to get the poncho for Elliot and fix the tracker

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In this Stray guide, we'll be looking at how to get Elliot's poncho. Turns out, even robots feel the cold, and in his current state, Elliot is unable to help you until he's warmed up. If you want to progress with the later stages of the Slums area, you'll need to find a way to heat your nerdy new pal up, so here's what you need to do.

Beware spoilers for near the end of the Slums section.

Stray: How to get Elliot's poncho 

By now, you've likely met a host of weird and wonderful characters around the slums, knocked a few pool balls off a table and generally annoyed a few robots with your feline antics.  If you get lost, there are signs dotted around that can point you in the right direction, as there's no nav bar to follow. 

You'll need to get an electric cable and a poncho if you want to repair the tracker, so follow the steps below. The best part is you can do the majority of this quest early on, or wait until Seamus needs your help later.

How to get the electric cable

To start this quest, you'll need to speak to Granny, who'll tell you that she'll knit you a lovely poncho if you can get her some electric cable. The only way to get the electrical cable is from the vendor, Azooz, but you'll need to find some Super Spirit detergent first. Upon finding the laundromat, however, you'll see that there's no way inside.

To get this, head to the rooftops and find the two robots who are chucking paint tins over the gap. Speak to them and they'll talk about not wanting to be distracted in case they drop a tin. If you stand on the left of the one who's doing the throwing, you'll get a prompt to meow just as he's about to throw, and he'll drop the paint down onto the street below. The laundromat owner, Kosma, will angrily storm out to clean up the paint, so you can sneak inside. The detergent is up on the windowsill to the left of the door.

How to get the poncho

Head back to Azooz to get the electric cable and give it to granny, who'll knit you a sweet poncho. You can hold onto it for now or head back to see Elliot and give it to him. Once you've given him the poncho and he'll tell you he can fix something for you if you need it, so show him the tracker to get it working again.

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How to fix the tracker

As you progress through the story, Seamus will discover his father's broken tracker. You can take it to Elliot to fix it once he has the poncho, letting you track the Doc.

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