Stray: Where to find the cassette tape and unlock the worker's outfit

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Looking for the worker's hat and jacket in Stray? If you want to help Clementine get the atomic battery from Neco Corp, you'll need to find a disguise for her friend. This involves a little bit of distraction and being a sneaky kitty first, however, so let's get started.

This guide contains some minor spoilers for the Midtown section, so consider this your only warning.  

Where to find the jacket and hat

As you enter Midtown, you'll be tasked with searching for Clementine, one of Momo's Outsider friends. She's now a wanted fugitive in Midtown, so you'll have to seek her out by showing her photo and address to various robots. Eventually, one of them will reveal that she's at the Residence, and after chatting with her, she'll ask you to meet a contact, Blazer, who will assist you in getting inside the factory to get the Atomic Battery. But first, you need to get him a worker's jacket and hat as a disguise.

One of these is a clothes and hat shop. You'll find a robot dressed in pink in front of the clothes shop and if you go inside, you'll find a grumpy shopkeep and an orange workers jacket. The worker's hat can be found in the hat shop to the right of the huge hologram, but you can't go in yet because it's being restocked. 

How to get the cassette tape and jacket 

If you enter the clothes store and go to the jacket, a prompt to "Steal" will appear, but if you click it now, the owner will come over to give you a telling-off.  Take a wander into the changing rooms you'll find a boom box that you can interact with, and to distract the owner of the store, you'll need to find a cassette tape.

At the bottom of the stairs at the residence, you'll find three young robots shouting at security cameras and a pile of cassette tapes on the floor. If you try to pinch one, you'll get into trouble, and the robots will ask you to help them deactivate the cameras in exchange for a tape.

To deactivate the first two cameras, go up a level and jump onto the cameras below. Once you jump back up onto the ledge, they'll fall to the floor. The third camera can be found another floor up, so rinse and repeat until they're all damaged and return to the robots to get your tape. You'll notice they are listening to some very loud music with heavy bass, which won't be every robot's taste.

To get the jacket, head back to the store and put the cassette into the boom box. The owner will then start walking towards the changing room to turn it off, so now's your chance to steal the jacket. When he notices the jacket is gone, you can speak to him and he'll make a quip about theft, so maybe don't show him your ill-gotten goods.

How to get the worker's hat 

If you speak to the hat store owner and the worker beside him, you'll soon learn that one of the workers is slacking off in the bar. If you go into the bar and head to the back, you'll see him sleeping. If you jump up to the shelf above, there's a box of empty bottles you can knock onto him, waking him up. He'll stumble back to the hat store to help his buddy.

There are many Neco boxes you can find in Midtown that you can jump into and hide in, and there's one beside the hat store. If you try to enter the store, the owner will shoo you away, so it's time to get creative. After the two robots argue about drinking on the job, jump inside the box to be carried into the store. Once the robot turns to leave, jump out and grab the hat from the store window. There's a little grate you can knock over to escape from to the left of the hat display.

Now that you have the hat and jacket, head back to see Blazer. He'll instruct you to jump into a box and he'll carry you inside the building.

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