Where to find all the energy drinks in Stray

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If you want to buy all the goods from Azooz in Stray, you'll need to go on the hunt for some energy drinks. I'm not sure what he needs them for, considering he's a robot, but if you want to purchase the music sheet and mysterious ancestor relic, you'll have to go on the hunt for some vending machines. Not all vending machines in the Slums offer cans, however, so here's where to find the ones that do. 

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Where to find energy drinks in the Slums 

There are four energy drinks cans up for grabs in the Slums, with only four out of the many vending machines dispensing them. You'll get a prompt to interact with these vending machines and if you wait a moment, a can will shoot out. Three of these machines are very easy to find, with the fourth needing a bit more effort. 

You can find the energy drink vending machines:

  • Across from where Morusque the musician is sitting, to the left of where you met the Guardian. 
  • From the bucket lift that heads up to Momo's apartment, head across the plank to the rooftop with a mattress and bottles on it. There might be a robot having a snooze there, depending on when you find it. You'll see another rooftop with a couch and TV on it, so drop down and head to the left to find another vending machine. 
  • If you stand with your back to the laundrette and head left, you'll come across a memory at a mural that says R.I.P. Humans. To the left, there is a white vending machine you can interact with. 
  • To get the last can, head to see Granny, then head to your right towards a stack of boxes and a ladder. Turn to the right and head up the stairs, past the television, then spin around. From the top of the stairs, jump to the canopy above to find the last vending machine. 

Now, head back to The Market Place to buy a sheet of music for one energy can and the ancient relic for three energy cans. 

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