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Looking to open some safes in Stray? As if looking for energy drinks, collecting sheet music and solving a mystery wasn't enough, this little red kitty can also crack safes. There are two safes you can open in the Slums and Midtown that require a little out-of-the-box thinking to solve. There are clues for each, though, so here's how to solve them and open the safes.

How to open the safe in the Slums

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Once you've teamed up with B12 and arrived in the Slums, you'll soon discover a mysterious safe near where Morusque sits. There's a little note attached that gives you a hint, but upon showing it to almost every robot, they'll remark that you'd need to be a right nerd to understand it.

If you haven't already, head to see Elliot, the robot you give the poncho to. To get to him, head to Granny then take a right and scratch the door beside the two robots sitting down.  You can show him the note before or after you give him the poncho and he'll decipher the code, pointing to a rendezvous in the Dufer Bar. Head over to the pub and jump up on the bar, and look to your left. You'll see a painting that you can knock down, which reveals the code 1283. Head back to the safe, input the code and the safe will open. You'll get Sheet Music 8/8 as your reward.

How to open the safe in Midtown

Once you enter the main street in Midtown, you'll find a robot called Paoudre to your right. He'll tell you that the merchant sold him a faulty battery. You can jump up over the counter and high up on the shelves in the back of the room is another safe. There is a white poster on the wall that B12 can translate for you. It translates as "2458 :edoC", so don't just look at the numbers and run back to the safe. The message is backwards, so the actual safe code is 8542.

Once you open the safe you'll get the Cat Badge for your little jacket.

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