The Autumn and Winter Steam sale 2018 dates: what we know


If you're wondering when the Steam Autumn and Winter sale dates are, it looks like those dates might've been leaked, as these things usually do.

Kotaku reported that a developer source had shared the dates for both the Steam Winter and Autumn sales. This has the Autumn Sale beginning on November 21 at 9.55am (presumably Pacific time) until November 27 at 10.05am. The Winter Sale, meanwhile, runs for a fortnight, starting on December 20 and ending on January 3. 

Later that day, this Twitter account circulated a screengrab which contains the same dates (via Reddit):

Prepare for your wish lists to come alive! What have you been waiting to pick up in the sale? As always, I'll be hoovering up a load of old RPGs that I'll never have time to play. Maybe the Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, if that ends up getting discounted.