Where to find Virginia's leather suit in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest leather suit - Virginia is surrounded by trees and is giving a thumbs up to the camera while wearing a red leather suit
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The Sons of the Forest leather suit can be given to Virginia to wear, providing you've befriended her. It's one of many items of clothing that can be found in and around the terrifying island but, unlike the winter jacket, Virginia's leather suit doesn't have any real purpose other than to give her a different look.

The leather suit is found at one of many crash sites that dots the island, over to the northwest and near the coast. Thankfully you don't need specific tools, like the rope gun, to get to it as it's simply lying there, waiting to be picked up. So if you're ready to set out, here's where to find the Sons of the Forest leather suit for Virginia.

Virginia's leather suit location 

The leather suit is found inside the helicopter at a crash site near the eastern edge of the lake. The exact location is shown in the screenshot above. There are plenty of other crates and containers strewn around the area to search too, so you'll be able to nab some extra bits and pieces while you're here. You'll also find the cave that contains the rebreather located to the northeast, and it's certainly worth making a slight detour for that so you can grab the shovel later on.

Once you have the leather suit in hand, it's easy to equip on Virginia. All you need to do is approach her until you can interact with her to open her backpack by pressing E, then select the leather suit. If you want to switch her back to the swimsuit at any point, you can follow the same steps to swap them out.

It's also worth noting the leather suit's spawn location was only added with the recent update. Before that, you needed to use Sons of the Forest cheats and console commands.

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