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Save $300 on HP Omen's AMD Ryzen gaming PC with an RTX 2060

Cyber Monday gaming PC
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If you're on the hunt for a Cyber Monday gaming PC deal, but don't fancy splashing out on a high-end rig with a RTX 3080, this $300 saving on a HP Omen RTX 2060 gaming PC from Best Buy might tempt you instead. While the card is on the lower end of the RTX GPU scale, it's still fast and will let you finally turn on those ray tracing options, and it's backed up by a great CPU. It's also down to $949.99 this Cyber Monday. 

Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday 2020 deals: the place to go for the all the best Cyber Monday bargains.

The 2060 is an entry-level RTX GPU, and while it might not be as flashy as the latest generation of Nvidia's cards, it's still the best way to enjoy ray tracing on a budget, at least until the 3060 appears next year. And you're also getting the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, one of the best CPUs around for its price, which is more powerful than pricier Intel models.  

If you're planning on using a 1080p display, or don't mind sacrificing some frames at 1440p, then this rig is easy to recommend. The only thing that gives me pause is the SSD, which is only 256GB. You also get a 1TB HDD, but that's not where you're going to be putting the most demanding games. With 100GB+ games becoming more common, you're going to have some space issues. See how you get on, and check out our best SSDs if you want something larger. 

HP Omen 30L Gaming Desktop | RTX 2060 | AMD Ryzen 7 3700X | $1,249.99
Ray tracing on a budget

HP Omen 30L Gaming Desktop | RTX 2060 | AMD Ryzen 7 3700X | $1,249.99 $949.99 at Best Buy (save $300)
A great mid-range PC that's perfect if you're looking to enjoy some ray tracing magic and get solid performance out of new games without clearing out your bank account. The 2060 is a good choice for your first RTX, and the CPU is even better. 

This is a good place to start if you're happy to upgrade later. The CPU should keep you going for ages, but next year you might want to consider a current gen GPU. A 3060 Ti is coming along with the regular 3060, so keep an eye out for that. It should be a lot easier to find a 3080 next year, as well, if you're flush and up for spending a bit more on a real powerhouse. 

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