Razer refreshes wireless Mamba with 16,000 DPI sensor, adds wired Tournament Edition

Razer Mamba 1

There’s a new Razer Mamba in town. Actually, make that two new Razer Mambas. Razer’s big new gear for E3 2015 is a revamped Chroma Mamba, with the original’s wireless/wired functionality, plus a wired Tournament Edition that also fits into the Chroma line of RGB LED peripherals.

Both mice use the same new 16,000 DPI laser sensor that can track at up to 210 inches per second, with a total of 9 programmable buttons (two thumb buttons, two index finger, and tiltable scroll wheel). The wireless model weighs 125 grams, while the wired Tournament Edition is 133 grams with its braided cable.

The wireless Mamba lasts for 20 hours of “continuous gaming” according to Razer; probably more if you have the mouse set to 1000 Hz report rate, or potentially more at a less power-hungry report rate and depending on how active your movements are. The previous Mamba claims 16 hours of continuous gaming.

One other feature differentiates the two mice: the wireless/wired Mamba uses “new Adjustable Click Force Technology,” which, according to the press release, “allows gamers to freely adjust the level of click force needed to activate the left and right mouse buttons, from distinct clicks for high accuracy actions such as sniping in FPS games to lighter presses for rapid fire action needed for MOBA games. The Razer Mamba’s Adjustable Click Force Technology is capable of up to 504° turn, providing users with a total of 14 distinct choices to set their signature click feel for a more personalized gameplay.”

The Tournament Edition doesn’t have this feature. Since it’s aimed at esports gamers, it’s presumably already dialed in to a fast, low click force.

The most interesting thing about the new Mambas, to me, is that 16,000 DPI sensor. Remember, higher DPI hardly always means better—in fact, higher DPI can actually mean poorer for a gaming mouse—but I want to see how this high DPI laser sensor stacks up against the Pixart 3366 used in the Logitech G502 and G303; that sensor is currently outfitted to scale up to 12,000 DPI with no performance loss, and is the best gaming sensor on the market today.

Both the Mambas will be available in Q3 2015. The wireless model is priced at $150. The Tournament Edition is $90.

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