For 'only' $4,000 InWin will build you a 3D printed case for your PC

TomsHardware via Matt Safford. Click for original. (Image credit: TomsHardware)

InWin is no stranger to launching unique looking PC cases, like the spherical Winbot that won an innovation award at Computex last year. At this year's Computex, InWin is upping the ante with an even wilder design. Or more accurately, a wild concept—3D printed, open air cases.

Shown in the photo above (courtesy of our friends at TomsHardware), these cases look like they were pulled from the movie set of a sci-fi flick, where space travelers encounter aliens on a distant planet. The only thing that is out of this world, however, is the price tag. One of these suckers will set you back around $4,000.

Even dropping a zero would still result in a pricey computer case, but at $4,000, these things graduate from expensive to absurdly pricey. Be that as it may, InWin notes that the price is around $500 less than the aluminum Z-Tower. The Z-Tower must have dropped in price, because when I wrote about it in December of last year, I was told it would sell for $5,500. Maybe if you wait a few months, these 3D printed cases will drop to just $3,000!

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Called "Yong," these new cases will be built to order, based on the customer's wants and needs. They can be made big enough to swallow an extended ATX (E-ATX) motherboard and can accommodate practically any build, with ABS plastic construction. Users can choose their own color, because spending $4,000 on a case and not having that option would just be silly.

InWin says it will announce more details at a later date.

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