Five new Steam games you probably missed this week

Long Gone Days

Steam Page
Released: March 29
Developer: BURA
Publisher: BURA
Price: $14.99

This is a military RPG set in the modern-day real world – so it stands to reason that it’s inspired by “classic dystopian literature”. Just launched on Early Access and expected to release proper by the end of the year, Long Gone Days currently boasts around three hours of gameplay, according to the studio. In addition to the more narrative-centric RPG stuff, you’ll also need to recruit interpreters to dismantle language barriers, and given the clear design nods to visual novels, conversation trees factor in heavily. There are two battle systems including a first-person sniper mode, or else turn-based battles with a VATS-like body-targeting system. Long Gone Days looks moody, atmospheric, and probably just a little bit disturbing. Worth having a look, whether now or when it launches proper later this year.

While True: learn()

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Released: March 28
Publisher: Nival
Price: $6.99

Another Early Access game, While True: learn () is a machine learning specialist simulator – so it gets full marks for originality. You can work as either a freelancer or run a startup, and you’ll be using a visual programming interface to complete your AI-centric tasks (ie – there isn’t any / much coding but there is a lot of dragging and dropping). “Learn what those guys [machine learning specialists] are actually doing and realize if it is possible to create a big and scary evil AI by mistake (or not)?” The game currently covers off two applicable eras (pre-1970, 1970-2012) with a third still in development. The game will launch out of Early Access when it’s ready.

The Land of Glass

Steam Page
Released: March 27
Developer: Dual Wield Software
Publisher: Dual Wield Software
Price: $14.99

This is a card game which, according to the official blurb, focuses on speed. But what stood out to me is its art style: inspired by the colour palettes and patterns of stained glass windows, this dovetails beautifully with the isometric grid worlds the combat plays out on. “The Land of Glass is an RPG with eight protagonists spanning four campaigns,” so reads the description. “Each character is forced to explore the world for the first time, to confront his biases and misconceptions as he tries to stop a magical plague that threatens to eat the continent.” No one wants to see a continent eaten. 


Steam Page
Released: March 25
Developer: Prey Interactive
Publisher: Prey Interactive
Price: $6.99

This is a gorgeous looking “4X resource and people management” game vaguely reminiscent of the old Settlers games. With a view to dominating the game map (which can be customised before playing), you’ll smite foes, gather resources and food, and hopefully automate these processes. In order to keep your people happy you’ll need to factor in (at the very least) water, power, happiness, food and shelter. Well worth a look, especially for a mere $7. 


Steam Page
Released: March 30
Developer: Parallax Labs
Publisher: Parallax Labs
Price: $6.99

Despoiler is a fast-paced hovercraft arena racer featuring 5v5 online multiplayer and a focus on combat. In addition to fighting with your opponents you’ll also be scavenging scrap throughout the arenas. This resource serves two purposes: it shields you (with the disadvantage that it also weighs you down), and if you can get it back to your base you can unlock new vehicles and tools. “[Despoiler] is a game of strategic and competitive escalation,” reads the description. “Weak early game performance will have a flow on effect to late game. Don't get too comfortable though: it's possible to snatch victory from the jaws of a crushing defeat.”

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Shaun Prescott

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