Life is Strange 2's second episode sees the return of Captain Spirit

Life is Strange 2 launches tomorrow, January 24, but you can get a taste of the teen drama, tragedy and superpowers in the launch trailer above. Keep your eyes peeled for the return of Captain Spirit, protagonist of the free Life is Strange spin-off, too. 

I’m still building up to the sequel. I’ve not even finished Before the Storm. I love Life is Strange, but damn those games are heartbreaking, and I’ve heard 2 has been pretty devastating so far, in that regard. I like giving myself time to recover.

Episode 2 continues the misadventures of brothers Daniel and Sean as they attempt reach their grandparents' house, all the while hiding Daniel’s burgeoning powers. There’s a bit of a theme here, with the pair meeting Chris, a boy who thinks he’s a superhero and isn’t shy about telling people. 

It looks like Daniel’s powers are at the heart of the decisions you’ll make. He’ll no doubt need to use him, but presumably you’ll be able to choose to keep them hidden, even if it endangers someone. 

Episode 2 will appear tomorrow.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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