Killing Floor 2 drops typically anarchic trailer ahead of full release this month

Killing Floor 2 arrived on Early Access in April last year, where Tyler labelled it "a superb mutant bloodbath" that's "like Killing Floor but better." It wasn't without its shortcomings—such is the iterative nature of Steam's pre-launch initiative—however, a year and half on, it has its sights set on a November 18 launch.

It's also got a new trailer which, although depicting PlayStation 4 Pro footage, showcases the stage it's at now. Expect blood, guts, zombies, pistols, assault rifles and... perhaps you're better having a gander yourself. 

It's typically Killing Floor, then. In the run up to full release, Developer Tripwire Interactive has been outlining the direction in which Killing Floor 2 is headed via updates on the game's Steam Community page

After consulting player feedback, shields, for example, will be the focus of future updates—however the tenth and final character class sounds most intriguing. Survivalist is a hybrid class that spreads its skills across all fields—"jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none"—that essentially lets players create their own build.  
Here's Tripwire on that:

"Players who choose to play the Survivalist will have an interesting start to the game; by default the perk start with an HE grenade, a machete (for its knife), and a random tier 1 weapon. The Survivalist’s passives include Weapon damage (.6% per level in current testing), Global damage resistance (1% per level), Heavy Body Armor (1% per level), and Zedtime Reload (3% per level)."     

Killing Floor 2 is due November 18.