How to watch Nvidia's CES keynote today

Nvidia will be showing off its latest pixel-pushing wares at CES later today. And you can watch the whole thing streamed live up above or on ye olde YouTube starting at 8am PST.

So, that's 9am MST, 10am CST and 11am EST. Oh, and 4pm for anyone wanting to watch from the UK. The official bumpf posted by Nvidia for the keynote doesn't go into any details, speaking of the "latest innovations made possible by accelerated computing and artificial intelligence."

However, we're expecting at least a brief mention of the upcoming RTX 4070 Ti, perhaps with confirmation of the new board's expected $799 pricing, plus details of mobile variants of Nvidia RTX 40-series GPUs. Likely, that will include RTX 4090, 4080 and 4070 mobile chips.

As we explained in our CES preview, the RTX 4090 mobile is likely to use the AD103 chip first seen in the desktop RTX 4080 16GB board. With 9,728 shaders and 112 render outputs, AD103 has around 30% more hardware than the outgoing top Nvidia mobile GPU, the RTX 3080 Ti. Factor in higher clocks and overall gaming performance should take a substantial step forward. 

Anywho, we'll be tuning in and carefully parsing the presentation for any details that deviate from these expectations. Watch this space. Or rather this space.


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Jeremy Laird
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